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Make Giving Easier WIth Kayana

Kayana Giving

Our mission statement has always been about giving back to those most in need.

That’s why we have dedicated a section of our app to charitable giving, with the sole function of facilitating quick, easy and secure donations.

Kayana Giving is simple to use and is an efficient platform for accepting donations.

  • All funds taken go direct to the charity
  • If you are a registered charity, we can automatically claim gift aid on your donations.
  • Create targets for your volunteers
  • No monthly fees charged


Ready To Get Started, & Share

  1. Register Your Charity With Kayana
    1. All you need is charity information
    2. Contact Details
    3. Trustee Details
  2. Speak To Onboarding
    1. Onboarding will help create your store
    2. They’ll also be on hand to answer any questions
  3. Let your subscribers know you take donation via the Kayana App.
  4. Create referral links for your volunteers to use.

    After that, “Sharing is Caring”!