Contactless Dine-in Technology

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UK’s only MOBILE ordering system that puts your business first

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Increased Efficiency
Reduction in Errors.
Complete Contactless Experience
Contactless Payments

Reservation & Guest Management

Welcome guests, control guest flow, serve more tables and more easily deliver great service. All your table reservations and guest data in one place leave you to do what you do best - deliver outstanding guest experiences that build customer loyalty.

Focus on customer service, Kayana the rest

With the help of Kayana, you can automate simple tasks like order taking and payment processing and leave your staff to focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Contactless Payments

Service in the 21st century- Kayana enables customers to pay for their orders promptly while increasing satisfaction. This allows the customer the flexibility to pay when they want and decreases table turnaround time.

Reduction In Customer Errors

Avoid common ordering mistakes and have satisfied customers who know exactly what they ordered. Kayana digital menus use images to showcase food, thereby avoiding ordering mishaps. Eliminate staff error in the ordering process, and avoid wastage at the same time.

Better Customer Service

Kayana allows you to provide the best customer service when it counts. Automate tasks that the customer would prefer to do themselves, and focus on what really matters. From placing an order to paying for the order, Kayana is here to help.

Know Your Guest

Give your staff the ability to deliver outstanding hospitality with guest learning. Easily welcome high-value guests back, see guest info before they arrive and track advanced metrics like spend history.

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