Welcome once again to the latest news from Kayana. Today’s news is about how Kayana provides¬† – convenience in one mobile application.

So the question often asked is what Kayana is?

Kayana is a simple mobile application that provides convenience in one app. How? Simple, Kayana allows you to communicate with your friends and family, search, and reserve restaurants. Whilst providing a complete end to end journey from start to finish contactless.

What do you mean?

So imagine an application that can help reserve a table, message the venue instantly instead of searching for numbers and waiting for someone to answer the call, decide on your dietary before arriving, and order and pay at your convenience.

Sound too good to be true. Welcome to Kayana. An all-new mobile application here to revolutionise the way we currently dine out.

Let start with some simple basic key features.

Book and Reserve Tables.

Kayana Tables allows you the option to contact a venue and request a table. It really simple, tell us the date, time, and the number of guests and let Kayana confirm if the table is available. If not available an alternative time for that venue will be suggested.

Shortly, Kayana will offer the convenience of providing request and venues confirming if available. Imagine you fancy a steak today within the Mayfair area for six people. You send the request, and all the steak restaurants will confirm if they have availability. All you need to do is confirm which restaurant you are going to.

Takeaway, Delivery, or In Dining.

Kayana offers users multiple options from their favourite store.


Kayana allows you to pre-order and take away and not have to wait for it to be prepared.


Using Kayana, you can reserve, order, and pay all from the convenience of your mobile application.


Kayana Delivery will start soon in the second quarter of 2021, providing your favourite items delivered to your doorstep by one of our delivery waiters.

Kayana – Convenience In One Mobile Application

If you would like to try Kayana – Convenience In One Mobile Application please feel free to contact us by visiting our contact us page.