KayPay - Tablet based ordering and Payments

"Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication." - Leonardo Da VinciNo more pen and paper

What is KayPay?

KayPay allows businesses to use tablets as a POS and process orders and payments from their customers. Streamline your ordering and payments with KayPay - KayPay - Streamline Tablet Ordering and Payments

How Does KayPay Save Time

KayPay lets you completely automate the ordering and payment process, allowing customers to pay and order when they’re ready and leaving your staff to focus on providing excellent service.

Generate More Revenue With KayPay

Simplifying the ordering and payment process makes you money. With an average of 5 minutes saved per table, KayPay reduces your turnover time to handle more customers than ever.

Worried About Tips

No need to worry! With KayPay, tips are added inside the payment screen as an individual line item in your payment history. Businesses can segregate staff tips from revenue for convenience and security.

Improve customer service efficiency

Two crucial metrics in customer service are the average handling time (AHT) and average service processing time. KayPay is focused on increasing efficiency, simplifying the customer journey to lower your AHT!

Guest Information Handling

Remove data from the equation! KayPay allows any customer with a Kayana account to save card information and pay in less than four clicks. Once payment has been made, the partner’s application updates in real-time.

KayPay makes it easy to order & pay

Kaypay - Tablet Based Ordering and Payments
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What Is KayPay?

Kaypay is Kayana’s latest software offering removing pen and paper from the equation of ordering and paying.

In the current climate businesses still use pen and paper to take orders and then come back to customers to take payment. 

KayPay removes this paper system by providing your business with tablets with small card machines attached to the back allowing your staff to process orders and accept payments all in one visit.

KayPay orders are sent back to the main tablet which can be located in the kitchen and orders are processed. KayPay can also be used by leaving tablets at the table to allow customers to self-order from the menu.

Once orders are received they are processed and served in the normal way by your waiter/waitress and now you have digital copies of all orders.

By allowing your staff to use tablets to place orders instead of pen and paper you have more insights into how your business is operating and what can be done to improve the services you offer.

KayPay is the next generation of serving technology created to aid in generating additional revenue for your business.

KayPay can be used for restaurant ordering, cafe ordering, bar ordering and clubs amongst many other businesses.

Ordering Made easy using KayPay