Self-Service for Restaurants

Self-Service Helps increase revenue without increasing cost.

Kayana simplifies the process for your business to use a Self-Service kiosk and mobile ordering.

self service kiosks improve restaurant performance
Self-Service By Kayana

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Self-Service Applications 

  • Select
  • Order
  • Customise
  • Pay
  • Receive
  • Serve Your Customer

Self-Service now makes ordering and payments simple. Our technology assists your business by providing a self-service kiosk to serve your customers.

Self Service tools created for you to grow your business. Use self-service to serve more customers and increase revenue.

Suitable for any types of business

Self -Service Kiosk

Our self-service kiosk takes technology to a whole new level by allowing customers to order and pay store without a waiter.Our self-service kiosk our now available to order. Click below to start your self-service journey.


Streamline your takeaway orders using self-service. Planning and preparation has always been better than last minute arrangements. Imagine knowing in advance your customers coming, whose ordered and paid.

Table Service

Handle your customers experience from start to finish using self-service. QR code to scan to order, allow customers to view menus, order and pay, all from the palm of their hand!

At The Bar

Service at a bar has always been stressful, not any more. Imagine having an order already ordered and paid for by a customer using self-service. Simplify with Kayana where your staff prepare the order and serve.


A full delivery management system, without the high fees from competitors. Track and deliver to your happy customers orders with full chain of custody.

Table Reservations

Simplify the reservation process with Kayana! Receive, confirm, and manage table reservations all in one convenient flow.

Hotel Room Service

Room Service operations become more effortless with Kayana. It's simple, scan QR code, order, pay and receive your food straight to the room.

KayPay - Scan and Pay

A flexible ordering and payment system for your staff to use when taking orders and processing payments. Simple to use with a tablet and payment machine attached together.

Health and Lifestyle

From headaches to haircuts, we have you covered. Kayana Lifestyle will change the way we book appointments, order medicines and arrange medical meetings.

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Head Of Technology

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