Black Cat Cafe

Serves a variety of vegan snacks and meals like sausage rolls and samosas plus cakes, milkshakes, Zapatista coffee. Sells some retail items including chocolates, cheeses, mock meats, tofu, tempeh, and vegan cookbooks.Their ever-changing salad plates feature a rotating selection of perfectly dressed kale, beetroot and pesto salads. Their smoky lentil burger  is proper comfort food and we never leave without grabbing a syrupy vegan pastry from the counter. 

They are proud to be an independent business, something which is difficult in the London of today which is all about chain coffee shops and rising rents. They think that veganism is connected with other subjects and they want to make an impact in the society and offer their space out to educate, raise awareness and fund several worthy causes not only related to animal rights. They have a small selection of chocolates and locally made products to sell, they also have a bookshop run by Active Distribution, where you can find fanzines, political literature and vegan cookery books.