Little Duck – The Picklery

The Picklery is a fermenting kitchen and wine bar – It’s open for lunch Wednesdays to Sundays and dinner all week. Their menu changes weekly, and their cooking is simple and seasonal. It’s here they make all their seasonal ferments, pickles and drinks – all of which you can buy ready jarred from their fridge or by gram. The Picklery is a workshop, but its also a small intimate restaurant space. their large kitchen counter is the centrepiece, and you’re invited to just grab a seat, order something to eat and enjoy the workings of life in their kitchen. In the evening, the lights go down, dinner is served, they open great bottles of natural wines.

Drinks are all made in-house, they ferment and craft their drinks from scratch everyday, in the same way they do their ferments and pickles.  So you’ll find seasonal drinking vinegars and infused kombuchas, along with a couple of cocktails where they put their fermented drinks to use.