Get started with your new Kayana EPOS Software

This article will explain how to start and get started with your new Kayana EPOS.

  1. Switch on your EPOS by clicking the button underneath the main screen to the right of the logo
  2. Once the device is switched on, click the setting icon if you wish to connect via wifi
    1. Click connect wifi
    2. Select your network partner
    3. Enter the password and save
  3. We recommend connecting your epos via ethernet and plugging the cable into the ethernet port.
  4. Connect your printer next by clicking the printer icon, which will have a cross on it
  5. if this does not work, click the settings
    1. connections > connect printer
    2. click connect a USB printer
    3. select the printer, and you should see that the printer is connected to the symbol
  6. Connect your QR Code Scanner by plugging in your USB cable to the epos.
  7. Click the Kayana App to open the EPOS software
  8. On opening the kayana app, you will see up to four icons depending on the services enabled
    1. takeaway
    2. dine-in
    3. collection
    4. delivery
  9. To connect your card reader, navigate to settings, select “Get Reader List,” and choose your card reader from the list. Ensure you verify the correct serial number before pairing.
  10. To create an order, click the activity type, follow on-screen instructions, and then choose your items and checkout.