Help With Completing your KYC

In this article, we will show you how to complete your KYC to get started in taking payments.

It is assumed you have completed the two below steps already.
  1. Create your business on Kayana.
  2. Create Your Payment Account
Final StepComplete your KYC by clicking the click here button.Once clicked, you will go to our merchant partner website to complete your onboarding.Check your company details and click save and go to overview.Once you’re happy with the details, please click save and go to the overviewNext is to click on Decision MakersIf you are the director and shareholder, you can select a controlling person, owner and signatory.The rest of the information is your personal basic information, including your personal address and personal telephone number Once you are satisfied with the information click to save and go to the overviewNow the final details stage, which  is to provide your bank details Input your account number and sort code for your bank account.after which upload your proof of account, which could be any one of the following documents After choosing the document type, click browse and upload the file you wish to upload Once uploaded click save and go to the overview.The last step is to read through the PCI DSS questionnaire and sign it Congratulations you have set up your Kayana payment acceptance account.Let your sales exec know you have completed it so they can confirm your application.To learn more about Kayana products or how to grow your online business, contact