Takeaway App For Restaurants

Stream your operations by letting your customers use self-service to order and pay.


Self-Service Software For Takeaway's

Takeaway ordering overview

Did you know the average spend per person within the food takeaway increases yearly? According to Statista, in 2019, the average spend per person in food pickup was £452 over the year, and in 2021 it was £641.

With this in mind, Kayana helps let you aggregate this growth by using our self-service kiosk and mobile kiosk app. 

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Simplify Collection

Your customers will be able to order food via their mobile or in-store via a self-service kiosk through Kayana self-service. Once called and paid, your customer collects their meal at the scheduled pickup time.

Kayana self-service is here to help you grow your business.

Takeaway app for restaurants

With Kayana takeaway self-service, you won’t only reach your usual clients but also new customers who wouldn’t usually use your store due to lengthy queues for ordering.
Self-service ordering allows you to reach extra customers and helps to increase sales by suggesting upsells, enabling you to take larger orders. These new orders will help increase revenue by 20% without adding further costs.


Customer satisfaction

When you use Kayana takeaway self-service as part of your serving, you not only improve efficiency and speed up your service but also eliminate the dreaded order errors.
Speed + Efficiency + Error free = excellent customer service.

Low commission fees

Our takeaway self-service costs you very little. Imagine a virtual staff member who takes orders without making mistakes, processes payments swiftly, and helps you organise food collections. This virtual staff member also never takes sick days or requires holidays. Welcome to Kayana Takeaway technology.
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Know your customers

As a business, it’s imperative to know the customer ahead of a visit, especially if the client will be collecting food. Kayana provides you with valuable insights into the customer before arrival. These insights give the finishing touches to excellent customer service. Insights are available from customers who use the mobile app to order.

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The Kayana Partners App

Change Menu Features
Update Prices
Change Availability
Turn Off and On 

With Kayana you will:

Reduce mistakes, 
maximise efficiency,
improve customer experience.
Serve Quicker


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