Takeaway Technology

Why wait to be served when you can preorder

Kayana simplifies the take away order journey

Kayana - Take Away Technology

Serve More Customers
Simple Ordering
Contactless Payments
0% Commission To Pay
24/7 Support
Increased Efficiency
Streamlined Service
Reduction in Misorders.

Simplify Takeaway Ordering

The Kayana app helps makes takeaway ordering simple. Your customers can order at a time that suits them, with the ability to schedule pick up when they need it to be. All your business has to do is make sure it is ready.

How To Order?

Customer download the Kayana app and find your store. Once found they order what they require and schedule a pick up time. Once the order I said the order is confirmed allowing you to process the order in advance of the customer arriving.

Supercharge Your Bar

The addition of Kayana takeaway technology allows your business to increase revenue by serving more of your customers and offering a better service. It takes time to know your customer, not with Kayana, with our partner's app providing valuable insights like the customer's name, helping deliver a better service.

Customer Satisfaction

When you use Kayana takeaway technology as part of your serving, you not just improve efficiency but eliminate the dreaded order errors.

Low Commision Fees

Kayana takeaway service cost you 0%. Imagine a staff member that takes orders without mistakes, processes payments swiftly and allows for table management all for nothing. Welcome to the world of Kayana.

Know Your Customer

As a business, it’s imperative to have knowledge ahead of a visit from a customer. Kayana provides you will all the tools you need to do exactly that. From dietary requirements to favourite drinks, Kayana can aid to make your customer service better.

Servicing Quickly With

The Kayana Partners App

Change Menu Features
Update Prices
Change Availability
Turn Off and On 

Increase Service

Reduce mistakes, 
maximise efficiency,
improve customer experience.
Serve Quicker


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