Hey guys, welcome to Kayana TV, I hope you are all safe and well out there! 

My name is Jenna Thompson, and I’ll be your host for this episode.


So today’s stream is just to give you guys a little insight into Kayana, what it is, and what it does. We noticed that many people follow our page, but don’t actually know anything about the app, so we’re going to do a quick rundown of its purpose and features!


Kayana is a brand new hospitality app creating a food and drink marketplace with an added social aspect. You can manage everything from table reservations to takeaway timings, and even home delivery orders all from the palm of your hand. This mobile focus means every aspect can be made contactless, and you can order or reserve at your convenience- a simple, streamlined experience for both businesses and customers.


Kayana is a hospitality application here to help users have easy access to some of the best food London has to offer