At Kayana, we’re passionate about innovating in order processing technology. Our self-service and EPOS solutions empower businesses to eliminate inefficiencies, boost satisfaction, and future-proof their systems. We deliver bespoke products optimising working methods, always striving for user-friendly, inventive applications that help businesses provide seamless customer service and expand their operations.

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Your Vision. Our Mission.

Kayana is dedicated to enhancing
the efficiency of your business.

Since our inception, we've been driven by a guiding ethos: identify problems and inefficiencies, then solve them posthaste! Discover which Kayana service can positively impact your business: peruse our selection below. Don't forget to read our how-to-start guide!

Dedicated Team

We're a team driven to continuously enhance our products and services. Fueled by a dedication to excellence, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers' satisfaction.


Our culture is rooted in continuous research. We actively learn from our experiences, and translate them into innovative and effective solutions that tackle even the most challenging problems.


Technology can be complicated - we make it simple. Our key focus is the simplification of existing processes, whilst increasing profitability saving time and money for partners and users alike.


Every part of our offering is built in stages, thoroughly tested, and refined to ensure reliability and solutions that solves problems.This creates a team of support staff which can help with any issues which may occur.