Outdoor self-service Kiosks

Kayana’s exclusive outdoor kiosks are designed with advanced technology to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience even outdoors. They are equipped with an IP65 rating, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and high sunlight. With these outdoor kiosks, your customers can browse and order products from your menu before entering the store, making their visit more convenient.

Outdoor Kiosk by Kayana - Self-service specialist
Outdoor Kiosk by Kayana - Self-service specialist

Outdoor Kiosks

Self-service kiosks have rescued quick-serving restaurants by cutting labour costs while catering efficiently to customers. Yet the boon draws a bane: limited space. New solutions are imperative with crowded establishments needing help to accommodate bulky kiosks. The Kayana all-weather outdoor kiosk is the perfect antidote – utilising space outside the restaurant. Customers can easily order, pay, and collect their orders with the minimum fuss, come rain or shine. Say goodbye to space constraints and embrace a brighter, more efficient future!

Did you know?

70% Customers

Customers would prefer to serve themselves than have to wait in a queue. 

Did You Know?

50% of Orders

Are served faster when using a self-service kiosk, with the main reason being a 70% reduction in order mistakes.

Did You Know?

25% Average Increase

Average order values increase by upto 25% using Self-Service Kiosk

Did You Know?

That including pictures

can boost your orders by up to 90%?

Why Kayana Outdoor Kiosk

  • Weatherproof
Manufactured specifically for outdoor with contrasting screens and is weatherproof to IP65.
  • Fully Integrated
Works seamlessly with other components of the Kayana ecosystem, including Self-Service kiosk, Kitchen Display System, and QR Code Ordering.
  • Fast Installation
Our Installation team can install your self-service kiosk within 96 hours.
  • Dedicated Support Team
Our support team can assist when and if needed.
  • Automated Revenue Share
Automate revenue share from partner vendors with Kayana’s revolutionary split payment technology.
  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon
Kayana is powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors.
Outdoor Kiosk by Kayana - Self-service specialist
Outdoor Kiosk Types
24-Inch kiosks
21-Inch kiosk - Outdoor Kiosk

The larger screen size of our 24-inch bestseller kiosks allows for a more user-friendly customer experience.

32-Inch kiosks - Outdoor Kiosk

The larger display creates an immersive shopping experience. The 32-inch kiosk is available in both free-standing and wall-mounted options.

Screen Size

Consider display size when choosing outdoor self-service kiosks. Larger screens capture attention and enhance user experience; smaller kiosks are better for limited spaces.


Depending on the size of your space and the desired outcome fro your outdoor kiosk, choose from wall-mounted, free-standing or tabletop options available in different sizes.


The Kayana team can help you figure out the appropriate number of outdoor kiosks for your business area by following specific guidelines and considering your needs.


Choose a self-service outdoor kiosk that provides the flexibility to modify its features in real-time based on customer preferences and to fit your business needs.