Considering Changing Your Restaurant POS System?

As time has passed, restaurant POS systems have improved to keep up with changing demands. However, each system has its strengths and weaknesses. At Kayana, we offer restaurant-specific hardware and software to help you stay competitive and implement technology solutions for front- and back-of-house operations. Our range of tailored products can enhance your overall operations and improve the experience for your customers.

Restaurant POS system - Kayana, providing the right solution for your restaurant to work seamlessly and allowing your staff to serve more. - Serve your customers with the latest Kayana Technology
Increased Efficiency

Discover Features such as real-time floor plan management and time-at-table tracking to manage seating arrangements better and turn tables over more quickly. Automated ordering and seamless communication are other tools that can simplify and streamline the customer experience by removing costly errors and ensuring orders are prepared quickly and accurately. 

Advanced Admin and Management 

Kayana technologies streamline restaurant management with centralised EPOS systems that manage inventory, generate reports and forecasts, and enhance customer service. Kitchen display systems reduce errors and self-service kiosks, mobile ordering, and QR c
Code payments minimise wait times while freeing up staff to manage other tasks.

kayana self service kiosk
Integration and Customisation

Lead in your industry with integrated ecosystem of Restaurant POS system,  self-service kiosks, EPOS, Kitchen Display System, and variety of payment options that can be customised (from integration of different form of payments to implementing your branding, customising menu items and other marketing messages) to your  business and your customers needs.

Kayana self service kiosk

Restaurant POS system

POS features Serving your restaurant needs.

Our restaurant POS system includes a comprehensive platform for effective business management. It allows you to take orders, process payments, and receive real-time reports in one place. Kayana offers handheld MPOS and stationary EPOS options seamlessly integrating with Kayana card machines.

Our service lets you easily handle orders and payments, manage your menu, and access staff reporting and performance reports. Our system is fully integrated within the Kayana Eco-system, and you can accept cash and card payments.

Restaurant Self service kiosk

Increase your Customer Turnover With Self-Service.

The boom of self-service started in 2020, just before the start of covid-19; with a temporary pause, the market has recovered and comes back more vital than ever, with every focus now on allowing customers to self-serve.

Self-service kiosks have evolved since the beginning, allowing customers greater control from ordering to payments and using discount codes.
At Kayana, we take the pain of managing kiosks away so you can do what you do best: to serve your customers. Kayana provides an end-to-end solution controlling all aspects, from the hardware to the software, allowing you to take orders and process them quickly.

Kayana self service kiosk
Kayana Order Display System - Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) For Restaurants

Do you wish your Kitchen would operate in sync with your waiters?

Enhance the efficiency of your kitchen by minimising preparation times and boosting throughput with our Kitchen Display Screens. Our system consolidates all orders in a single interface, providing real-time visibility of processing times for all orders. This helps streamline the kitchen’s workflow and maximises productivity.

  • Instant control and efficient order tracking across all multi-channel orders
  • Audio alerts inform staff when new or updated orders arrive
  • Data analytics – Our KDS monitors order completion time, processing times, and inventory levels, providing restaurant management with valuable data analytics.

Card Payments

Accept a wide range of payment methods

Kayana implements technology to offer swift and dependable transaction services. We have partnered with industry leaders Ayden to accept a variety of payment modes, including chip and pin, barcode, NFC, and QR codes, to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences.

  • Enhanced speed and efficiency in payment processing
  • Valuable insights and sales trends are easily accessible to businesses
  • Ensured security with constant monitoring of all transactions
kayana self service kiosk
kayana self service kiosk

QR Code Order & Pay

Streamline the ordering process and reduce wait time with Kayana

Our digital ordering system revolutionises the way customers make orders for food, beverages, and other products. This system employs a simple QR code scanning process, which customers can use to order their choice of product, making the payment process swifter and contactless.

  • Track customer preferences and use this information to optimise your services
  • Real-time updates on inventory levels
  • Reduce transaction costs


Reflect your brand image effectively and connect with your customers

We built customised websites integrated with the Kayana ecosystem which includes our restaurant POS system or connecting it to your existing one. Showcase your brand and provide additional ordering platform for your customers.

  • Cross-channel insights.
  • Link your website with online reservation systems, inventory management tools, and other software.
  • Optimised for search engines, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable online by customers.
Takeaway Website Ordering Systems
Ordering & Payments Made Simple - Using Kayana Revenue Share

Revenue Share

Easy revenue share distribution model

Kayana’s revenue distribution system streamlines revenue sharing and makes it hassle-free even for our restaurant POS system. Our cutting-edge technology automates all the necessary calculations and payments, facilitating prompt and precise disbursement of revenue shares to partners or other establishments.

  • Complete transparency on what’s been charged at the source
  • Encryption and security protocols to ensure the safety of data
  • Quick and easy onboarding and setup