Kayana App

Introducing a mobile app which makes communication between businesses and consumers easier. The Kayana app is easy to use and comes with features for ordering and making payments from any store subscribed to Kayana hardware or software. 
Kayana offers personalised experiences to customers by providing customised menus, which allow them to pre-order for takeaway, in-store or home delivery. Businesses can list promotional offers, provide tailored recommendations based on purchasing history, recall dietary preferences, and introduce loyalty programs. Customers can also access payment information and transaction history and make payments quickly within the app.
Kayana makes it easy for businesses to create lasting customer relationships while providing a seamless experience. Let us help you grow your business by taking charge with Kayana.

Kayana Mobile App Ordering and Payments
Servicing Your Customer with Kayana Mobile App

Kayana App

Servicing Your Customer

By promoting customer loyalty schemes, Kayana’s functionalities can significantly benefit businesses. This app provides an opportunity to treat it as your own, without any upfront or development costs. With Kayana, businesses can establish and maintain strong customer relationships while simultaneously delivering a seamless and convenient experience. The objective of the Kayana app is to showcase and recommend businesses that are a part of its infrastructure to new and existing customers while pushing new promotions in a simple and streamlined manner. By using the latest technology, Kayana can help businesses serve and acquire customers while gaining valuable insights into their preferences.Self-service kiosk is now the standard way to serve whilst EPOS was the way to serve, but the Kayana app offers an exclusive advantage – knowing the customer. This allows businesses to customise offerings and tailor promotions to what customers want.

via Kayana App

The Kayana App

The Kayana app offers a unique opportunity to promote to existing and new customers. With a gentle reminder, push notifications can attract customers within 50 meters, offering them an exclusive 10% discount as an example for ordering on the spot. That’s an unbeatable offer! Why not leverage social media marketing to attract a wider local audience? With Kayana, you can even subsidise your marketing spend by 10% and incentivise app-ordered meals. Our app works to give your restaurant the recognition it deserves without any upfront cost and only a nominal transaction charge when an order is placed.
Marketing via Kayana's Mobile App
Kayana's Mobile App Solution

An End to End Solution

Order Processing Made Simple

Track the status of your orders fuss-free through our partner application, fully integrated with the system, for a seamless experience.

Eliminate delivery errors with a 30% drop in lost revenue from aggregators through our integrated platform – orders fire directly to your kitchen and team for improved accuracy and speedy service. Opt for third-party delivery or handle it yourself and save a fortune on aggregators.

Be the master of your restaurant’s opening and closing windows by scheduling based on your capacity whilst delivering an outstanding experience to your customers every time via the Kayana app.

Supervise your branches, menus, and employees all in one place. Update your menus, disable items from specific branches, and assign user roles on our dynamic platform.

Enjoy complete visibility over your transactions with real-time reporting, allowing for informed business decisions. Filter orders by source type to uncover the heart of your business!

No Set Up Cost

You can activate your payment store in 5 minutes and start accepting orders via the Kayana app. We do not charge for your business to be listed on our app. 

Efficient Mobile Presence 

Customise your store with the look and feel that’s compatible with your brand, update or hide your items in real-time, upload your logo and menu items with ease and monitor order status. 

Drive Sales 

Kayana App helps remember the services provided and key metrics that the customer likes, from dietary to taste creating opportunities to upsell based on customer behaviour and trends.

Why Kayana App?
  • Integration
Orders directly flow into Kayana or your own POS system.
  • Cost saving through automation.
Kayana App automates ordering: capturing order information, processing payments, notifying the kitchen, and managing inventory.
  • No 3rd Party Delivery Fees
Reach your customers wherever they are by dispatching your own driver fleet through the Delivery Management System.
  • Marketing 
Kayana App supports push and SMS marketing campaigns, ensuring customer reach.
  • Payment Processing
Kayana App is powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors.
Kayana's Software Application