Reimagining Eating At Shopping Mall

Does your shopping mall grapple with overcrowding issues during peak food orders? Do your customers often find themselves frustrated while waiting for service? Allow us to introduce Kayana – a bespoke shopping mall technology solution crafted specifically for shopping malls. Our state-of-the-art multivendor kiosk system strategically placed in dedicated order areas ensures swift and efficient ordering as well as payment processing. Our designated order area caters to multiple customers from diverse partner venues, guaranteeing a seamless ordering experience devoid of the tedious wait times. Additionally, Kayana facilitates revenue shared leases by offering the convenience of deducting revenue shares at the source.

shopping mall technology solution

Customer Experience

Introducing Kayana’s groundbreaking shopping mall solution! Our innovative platform offers a seamless ordering experience for your valued customers. With a dedicated area designed exclusively for placing orders and making payments, the entire process becomes hassle-free. And once a customer has successfully placed their order, they can conveniently collect their food from a designated pickup point. Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with Kayana!

Revenue Collection

Are you seeking ways to simplify revenue collection at your shopping mall? 

You may be exploring shared revenue leases or alternative revenue streams. With Kayana split payment processing, you can collect revenue at the source, eliminating the need for post-payment processing. This streamlined process can save time for your accounts department. Kayana’s split payment processing simplifies revenue collection by allowing you to receive payments at the source, which can save time for your accounts department.

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Increase Footfall

To attract more customers, it’s important to serve them quickly and efficiently. People in a hurry don’t like to wait, and may avoid busy shopping malls. Setting up a dedicated shopping area equipped with tools to serve customers faster and more efficiently can help increase footfall. Additionally, you can improve product discoverability and create a great customer experience by using the latest shopping mall technology solutions. This can reduce wait times and reliance on staff while providing real-time data to optimise your offerings.

One kiosks - Multiple vendor - Your Shopping mall

Simplify the buying process with the ultimate experience.

Enhance the customer experience at your food court with a bespoke ordering area. By strategically positioning kiosks in a centralised location, you can effortlessly direct foot traffic to two designated zones: an efficient ordering area and a convenient collection point. This efficient setup empowers leaseholders to process orders seamlessly, resulting in increased revenue. If you participate in revenue share leases, let Kayana simplify your accounting by deducting splits at the source, saving you and your leaseholders countless hours of tedious paperwork each month.

  • Simplified orders management system
  • Multi-Vendors on one screen
  • Real-time updates and valuable insights 
Kayana self service kiosk
shopping mall technology solution - Food Courts

Revenue Share & Split Payments At Source

A simplified approach to sharing revenue

Simplify the way you manage revenue sharing with Kayana’s automated revenue distribution system. Our advanced technology takes care of all the calculations and payments, ensuring accurate and timely distribution of revenue shares to your partners, franchises, or other business while saving time and eliminating errors.

  • Ensure transparency by providing clear details on charged sources.
  • Guarantee top-notch security and encryption protocols to protect all data.
  • Simplify the onboarding and setup process to make it quick and hassle-free.

Ordering Processing - Shopping mall Technology

Simplified Order Fulfilment for Your Partners

One aspect of the problem has been effectively addressed by implementing our unique multi-vendor kiosk. This innovative solution enables all your esteemed partners to present their diverse menus conveniently in a single location, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience. 


However, to fully optimise this promising development, we are thrilled to introduce the Kayana partner system — an advanced and state-of-the-art tablet. This cutting-edge technology empowers partner venues to receive effortlessly and accurately process orders from our intuitive self-service kiosk, further enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the Kayana partner system, we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution that caters to the evolving needs of your business and boosts synergy among all stakeholders involved.

Kitchen Display System For Shopping Malls

Enhance the flow of orders from the front to the back, and vice versa.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are meticulously designed to unlock the full business potential of your partners. With their innovative order flow streamlined and meticulous showcasing of requirements, KDS enable companies to deliver impeccable service effortlessly and promptly, ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience for their valued customers. By seamlessly integrating with existing workflows and providing real-time insights, KDS empowers businesses to optimise efficiency, minimise errors, and elevate customer satisfaction. Whether a bustling restaurant or a busy retail store, these advanced systems are the game-changers that propel businesses towards success in today’s competitive market.

EPOS system For Shopping malls

In-Person Serving Made Simple.

Kayana’s EPOS system offers state-of-the-art ordering and payment shopping mall technology, similar to our kiosk, enabling your vendors to process orders and payments in person effortlessly. Not only that, but our EPOS system also empowers you to capture your share of revenue right at the source effortlessly. With our comprehensive EPOS solution, you can give your partner businesses the tools they need to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Enjoy real-time control over the kiosk, streamline staff management, and access additional features for enhanced operational efficiency and growth. 

Ordering & Payments - Kayana Epos - Making in person orders simple
kayana self service kiosk

Accepting Card Payments

A Payment Solution For All Your Needs

From our innovative car parking card machines to our extensive network of card terminals for partner stores, Kayana offers a comprehensive solution for all your payment needs. Our cutting-edge hardware is designed to cater to various use cases, ensuring seamless transactions for businesses of all sizes. And with our esteemed payment partner, Adyen, a global leader in the industry, you can rest assured that your payment processing is in capable hands.

Kayana empowers your vendors to accept a wide range of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, providing convenience and flexibility to customers. With our transparent and straightforward pricing structure, accepting card payments has never been easier. Trust Kayana to simplify your shopping mall technology solution with our comprehensive range of payment processing.