Its Time To Update Your Hotel Technology

Kayana’s innovative hotel technology empowers hoteliers to gain a competitive edge by offering guests a refreshingly modern approach to ordering and payment. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional methods like phone calls, waiting to be served. With Kayana, you can still enjoy the convenience of traditional ordering, but we take it to the next level by seamlessly integrating multiple touchpoints. Guests can now embrace self-service through user-friendly kiosks or effortlessly place orders via QR codes. Elevate your guests’ experience with Kayana – where convenience meets cutting-edge hotel solutions.

Kayana QR Code Hotel Service
Optimal guest experience

Enhance the ordering experience for customers by incorporating various streamlined in-person or self-service options. This can include convenient features like QR code ordering, self-service kiosks, and advanced Epos systems. Additionally, explore new revenue opportunities in previously untapped venues such as spas and gyms. Moreover, consider introducing autonomous robotics for efficient room service, eliminating the need for staff to handle deliveries.

Complete End-to-End

Kayana offers a comprehensive software and hardware ecosystem that seamlessly integrates tools needed to simplify ordering and payments —self-service kiosks, EPOS systems, QR codes, and Kitchen display systems—to streamline your staff’s workflow and boost revenue. Inefficiency comes with a price tag—leverage technology to automate tasks and bolster your bottom line for a healthier financial outlook.

kayana self service kiosk
Increased Additional Revenue

By harnessing Kayana technologies, you can unlock untapped revenue potentials. Seamlessly streamline room service orders and offer previously unexplored food and beverage services. Our comprehensive automation stack empowers you to deliver an all-encompassing AI-powered customer experience, leveraging state-of-the-art robotics to enhance service while maximising average order value.

Allow Customers To Scan, Order, Pay, And Fulfilling Orders Efficiently.

QR Code Ordering - Hotel Technology

Allow Customers to Scan, order, pay, and fulfilling orders efficiently.

Explore the advantages of a centralised system for QR code ordering, enabling the customisation of QR codes based on room requirements, kitchen availability, and dietary preferences.

Customers can effortlessly scan, order, and conveniently pay or charge to their room. Unlock additional revenue opportunities in previously untapped areas, such as the gym or spa, where customised drinks ranging from rehydration beverages to protein shakes can now be offered. 

Utilise different QR codes for each specific area, allowing for real-time modifications and direct order placement to the kitchen. Elevate your service efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience.

Robotic Room Service Delivery - hotel Solutions

technology that enables seamless guest experience

Service issues can significantly impact the quality of your guests’ stay at your hotel. From understaffing to issues with incorrect ordering, these real-life challenges need effective solutions. Introducing Kayana, our robotic room service, a revolutionary way to address staffing concerns and enhance overall service. Equipped with an in-built map of your hotel, Kayana optimises efficiency by utilising service lifts and eliminating the need for a dedicated attendant to deliver orders. Elevate your guests’ experience with Kayana software and hardware to provide seamless and efficient room service.


Autonomous Robots For Room Service Fulfilment
Kayana self service kiosk

EPOS system - Hotel Solution

Unified Hotel Solutions & Restaurants operations

Experience the unparalleled convenience of EPOS systems meticulously crafted to offer seamless functionality and unwavering command of your operations. Effortlessly streamline all aspects of your establishment, from room service to serving in your restaurant, allowing our hotel technology to service your customer’s needs.

  • Touchscreen EPOS terminal
  • Secure cash drawer
  • Receipt printer

Self-service kiosks For Hotels

Service technology that enables seamless guest experience

Self-service kiosks are an innovative solution that hotels and restaurants can use to provide guests with a more convenient and personalised experience. In hotels, self-service kiosks can enable guests to order room service and make concierge bookings at their own convenience without human interaction. Our hotel technology allows you to use a self-service kiosk as a virtual staff member for taking orders and payments.

  • Interactive branded screens
  • Contactless payments
  • Personalised product or service offering
Kayana self service kiosk
kayana self service kiosk

Accepting Card Payments For Hotels

Greater payment flexibility, for every guest.

Kayana payment technology boasts a comprehensive support system for all hotel solutions to accept card payments, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Powered by Adyen, one of the largest global card processors, our payment solutions are designed to cater to diverse environments. With bespoke pricing tailored to volume and payment types, Kayana offers versatile options for online, in-person, and remote payments. Our range of payment hardware is built to accommodate various facilities, from weatherproof outdoor solutions to cutting-edge mobile setups. Partner with Kayana for seamless, secure, and efficient payment experiences.

Kitchen Display Systems For Hotel Kitchens
Innovative solutions for organised workflow and quicker service 

Enhance the efficiency of your kitchen by minimizing preparation times and boosting throughput with our Kitchen Display Screens. Our system consolidates all orders into a single interface, providing real-time visibility of processing times for various order types. This streamlines the kitchen’s workflow, maximizing productivity and optimizing your operations. Experience instant control and efficient order tracking across all channels, aided by audio alerts that notify staff of new or updated orders. Leverage the power of data analytics as our KDS monitors order completion time, processing times, and inventory levels. Transform your kitchen operations with our advanced technology.

Kitchen Display Systems for hotel kitchens