Mobile Point Of Sale MPOS?

Are you looking for a way to take orders and payments on the go? Kayana offers the ultimate solution: MPOS, a seamless blend of card processing terminals and EPOS, also known as mobile point of sale.

Designed to efficiently take in-person customer orders and process payments through significant cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. MPOS allows you to streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience.

Mobile Point Of Sale Equipment
Kayana Mobile Point of Sale Card Terminal

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Introducing Kayana MPOS, a cutting-edge solution that empowers your staff to effortlessly take orders and process payments with the latest Android terminals. Imagine the convenience of your staff being able to seamlessly take orders directly at the table or in the queue, eliminating the need for pen and paper and manual input into your EPOS system. With Kayana MPOS, you can enhance your customer’s experience and streamline your operations like never before. It’s time to embrace the future of point-of-sale technology!


Our revolutionary MPOS Kayana software enables your staff to effortlessly take orders on the go, whether it’s for takeaway, dine-in, or pay-later orders. With real-time product control through the Kayana Cloud platform, you can make updates instantaneously. MPOS is seamlessly integrated into our EPOS and Self-Service ordering family, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your business needs. 


Improve your order processing experience by seamlessly accepting payments through the MPOS terminal with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. That’s not all! Easily mark your cash orders as paid, enable customers to redeem vouchers and discount codes, and have complete control over your happy hour promotions.


Ensure seamless coordination between your front and back-of-house staff by providing timely notifications when orders are ready to be served. This prompts your staff to operate efficiently, enabling them to deliver the service your deserving customers expect. With the power of WiFi and a mobile SIM card, the MPOS maximises opportunities and offers backup internet for added reliability.

Kayana MPOS Card Machines

Kayana MPOS Card Machines

At Kayana, we provide versatile solutions for your Mobile point of sale (MPOS) credit card terminal needs, whether for daily rental or outright purchase. 

As exhibition specialists, we offer affordable standalone terminals for just £29.99 per week.

There’s no need to worry if you require them for over a year. Our prices start at just £29.99 per month and are based on a 24-month term.

Our pricing matrix follows a simple and straightforward structure.

Contact us to find out more!

Strong Platform Stability 

Our systems are Platform stability designed for maximum speed and quality of service

Claims, Disputes, & Chargebacks

Our Pay Device supports claims, disputes, and chargebacks which are smoothly carried out and completed.

Bank Settlements

Receive daily or weekly bank settlements to your bank account at the end of each working day.

Why Kayana

  • 18/7 Technical Support 
You can contact the technical support team at any time whenever there is an issue to avoid delays with your MPOS
  • Fully Certified Terminals 
Our fully-certified credit card terminals comply with PCI standards, we offer hardware-free solutions to meet your business needs.
  • Remote Access
You can monitor all your transactions remotely from any device, anywhere and at any time using the Kayana Admin Portal.
  • Integration 
Kayana offers its own payment solution integrated with all Kayana software or as a stand-alone service.
  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon
Kayana is powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors.Please complete the form below so start accepting card payments.
Why Kayana Mobile Point Of Sale Terminal