Royalty Payments Made Simple

At Kayana, we offer an efficient royalty/revenue-sharing model. Our easy-to-use payment integration solution allows businesses to collect and distribute revenue shares directly to their partners, franchises, or other companies. This saves time and eliminates the need for accounting later on. Our system simplifies the payment process and keeps businesses up-to-date with their financial records in real time.

Royalty Payments Made Simple
Royalty Payments Shares

Royalty Share
Made Simple

Experience state-of-the-art royalty payment services with Kayana! Our clever payment integration solution enables revenue sharing business models to gather payment right from the transaction, cutting out accounting delays. 

The service is tailor-made for franchises and businesses who are looking to expand abroad, including organisers of sporting events, festivals, concerts, shopping malls, and others.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls can now offer revenue share leases to their proprietors without cumbersome calculations at month-end. Kayana Royalty Payments allows shopping malls to split revenue at the transaction source. The clear revenue split benefits all. Kayana Multi-Vendor Self-Service Kiosks are a practical improvement for customers at shopping malls and high-footfall areas. With Multi-Vendor Self-Service Kiosks, customers can easily select from various vendors in one place. They have instantaneous access and quicker checkouts than traditional options. Multi-Vendor Self-Service Kiosks offer better convenience by providing payment flexibility with mobile or mobile apps. This saves time, spend and optimises the shopping experience. This adds to a great customer experience increasingly popular in modern shopping spots.

Royalty Payments Shopping Malls
Royalty Share for Franchise - Kayana Multi-Vendor Kiosk


Kayana’s automated payment machines and self-service kiosks are the answer to stress-free royalty payments from franchisees. Our Royalty Payments Service ensures that franchise owners save both money and the time that handling multiple transactions takes. With split payments, there is an efficient and cost-effective solution in place to optimise revenue opportunities and encourage franchise loyalty. To maximise efficiency and profitability, franchise owners need to prioritize ensuring split payments at the source of revenue. Our royalty collection system is available internationally, serving five continents.

Football Clubs
Assure speedy service and convenient payments 
Self-service kiosks and Kayana card machines make split payments at the source of revenue a no-brainer for football clubs and their food partners. Both sides can share equally in the generated revenue, improving the financial structure. Each stakeholder can enjoy profits based on their sales, supported by a revenue share property lease. This system not only grants split control of the revenue but also maximises financial returns. With multi-vendor self-service kiosk technology, customers can place their orders at a single point, boosting convenience. Split payments save the time and hassle of manual calculations, which are often prone to inaccuracies. In short, split payments are an efficient solution benefitting all parties involved.
Royalty Share - Football Clubs & Sporting Arenas kayana
Royalty Payment International Expansion
International Expansion

Many companies dream of expanding internationally, though the process is often complicated. Collecting royalties within one’s own country is tricky enough, and it becomes even more difficult when trying to do so abroad. Consequently, countless successful companies have failed in their attempts to expand overseas due to their inability to collect foreign royalties.

However, Kayana offers a solution for this exact scenario. Our completely automated system ensures that royalty payments are deducted at the source – every time your international partner is paid, you receive payment too. 

At Kayana, we simplify international expansion by taking care of the details for you using our revolutionary split-payments system.

Simplified Flow Of Funds

By providing software and payment hardware Kayana simplifies payment processes by charging and splitting payments at the source and streamlining the system making it error-free.

Reduced Financial Risk

Revenue sharing can reduce financial risk for all parties involved by spreading out the risk between the business and its partners or collaborators. Business can ensure timely and accurate revenue sharing eliminating the possibility of errors or delays. 

kayana self service kiosk
Fostering Relationships

By creating a revenue sharing model that benefits all parties involved, businesses can establish a foundation for mutually beneficial relationships promoting open and honest communication between business partners. 

Why Kayana?
  • Cost-effective
Kayana can automate payment processing at low cost so that on each transaction, a percentage is sent to each partner.
  • Transparency and Tracking
Complete transparency on what’s been charged at the source. Our platform allows you to track revenue, payouts, and other financial records in real-time. This lets you stay on top of your financial records and make better business decisions.
  • Secure 
Our platform uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure the safety of your business and customer data. We take data security seriously and regularly update our security measures to keep up with the latest threats.
  • Scalable
Our platform can be scaled up or down depending on your business needs. It can handle any size of transaction volume and can quickly adapt to your business as it grows.
  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon
Kayana split payments are powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors.
Kayana - Making ordering and payments simple.