QR Code Ordering & Payments Simple

Kayana has created a QR Code Ordering that is easy to use and effective for various businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Customers can scan the QR code to order and pay at their own pace without waiting for service. This system eliminates the need for a POS system and protects customers’ payment information while offering an enhanced experience to encourage them to return. At Kayana we provide ten free QR codes to get you started.

QR Code Ordering​ Provided By Kayana


Guests can conveniently scan a QR code to gain access to the menu.


They explore various items and select items to add to their cart.


Customers complete their purchase using their preferred payment method in a single transaction.


The order is either delivered to the table or picked up by the customer.

QR Code Ordering Software provided By Kayana - Making ordering and payments simple.

Why QR Code Ordering?

QR Code ordering offers many benefits for both customers and restaurant owners. With Kayana’s QR Code Ordering, customers can easily view the digital menu, order, and pay from their table. The menu includes pictures and descriptions of complimentary dishes and drinks, making ordering a breeze. By using QR codes placed on the table, delays are reduced, and efficiency is improved. This system also allows owners to track customer preferences, optimise services, and centralise orders. Overall, QR Code ordering is a great way to provide guests with an optimal dining experience. QR Code Ordering helps increase sales and decrease costs.

QR Code​ Use Cases

The use of QR codes for ordering has revolutionised the hospitality industry. Whether you’re in a restaurant, bar, or hotel doesn’t matter. Using QR codes has made ordering more manageable and more efficient. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a server to take your order and process your payment manually.
Hotels can use QR codes to allow guests to order room service directly without the need to call anyone. Similarly, restaurants can use QR codes to enable customers to collect from their tables, and the kitchen receives the orders instantly.
In conclusion, QR Code Ordering systems offer customers a more convenient and efficient way to place their orders.

QR Code Ordering Use cases
Kayana's QR code

How much does it cost?

Kayana offers your first Ten QR codes for free, with pricing based on the quantity of QR codes required.  With Kayana, you can design and generate codes with customised colour schemes to fit your brand. Each code is a link to bring customers directly to a smartphone-enabled website. Our QR Codes are supported on all mobile devices and have no expiry date – giving you peace of mind that your investment is secure for life! We also offer analytics reporting to see how well your QR codes perform.

Increased Efficiency 

By using QR codes, you can enhance branding, streamline the ordering process, reduce wait times, and increase efficiency in business transactions.

Reduced Cost

Using traditional payment methods involves expenses such as staff wages and cash handling fees. You can significantly minimise these costs by implementing QR code order and payment systems.

Order Volume Increase 

By providing customers with pictures and descriptions of your products or services, they can easily find what they are looking for, increasing average order size.

Why Kayana?
  • Data Insights
QR code ordering can also help you track customer preferences and use this information to optimise your services further.
  • Integration
When customers place orders through the QR code system, the orders are directly ingested into the Kayana POS system. The POS system further processes and categorises the orders automatically.
  • Improved Inventory Management
This payment system offers real-time updates on inventory levels, allowing you to keep track of the stock and order management more easily.
  • Dedicated Support Team
Our support team can assist when and if needed.
  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon
Kayana is powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors for its QR Code ordering service.
Kayana's QR Orderring Software