Franchise Management Solutions

Kayana offers a complete franchise management solution for franchises, including high-quality hardware and software. Our advanced system provides a seamless experience for both self-service and in-person orders. Our cloud-based platform makes franchise management easy, with real-time control over customisations and detailed reports for all your stores. You can trust Kayana to help take care of your franchise.

Kayana – Making ordering and payments simple.

Kayana self service kiosk


Enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day operations with our cutting-edge chain & franchise management software. The Kayana ecosystem offers integrated tools to seamlessly streamline customer ordering needs, benefiting your customers, staff, and yourself. With comprehensive data capture, simplified reporting becomes effortless. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our solution today.


Kayana offers custom hardware designed for durability and seamless integration with our software. Our comprehensive end-to-end systems encompass everything from hardware and software to operations, ensuring a single point of contact for all your support needs. Our solution enables fast and effortless transactions with a wide range of payment options, including cash, credit cards, mobile payments, and QR codes. Moreover, it simplifies payment tracking and streamlines financial operations for businesses with multiple locations.

kayana self service kiosk


Unlock the power of Kayana systems to gather invaluable customer data and insights. Seamlessly capture ordering patterns, preferences, and feedback, empowering you to truly understand your customers and enhance overall operations. Streamline your franchises for optimal efficiency, while generating newfound income. Elevate customer experiences with personalised touches and unleash the potential of targeted marketing campaigns.

Chain management - Self service kiosk

Comprehensive Self-Service Kiosk to help chains & franchises thrive

With Kayana, you have discovered a partner offering comprehensive self-service hardware and software support. Our franchise management solutions have garnered praise from users who have tried various other providers, proving their resilience, durability, and user-friendliness. Once your first store is set up, the process becomes incredibly streamlined, allowing for easy copy, paste, and installation. Experience efficient setup within just three working days for all your subsequent stores.

We assist in setting up your initial menu and offer continuous follow-ups for the first two months to ensure smooth operation—our platform streamlines store management, offering a consolidated solution for all your locations.

Kayana self service kiosk
Ordering & Payments - Kayana Epos - Making in person orders simple

Franchise Management - EPOS system

Customised EPOS solutions designed to specifically cater to the unique requirements of your franchise.

The Kayana EPOS system provides a centralised and seamless solution for efficiently managing your chains and franchises. With a wealth of comprehensive metrics readily available, it empowers you to make informed and impactful decisions easily.

Enjoy the convenience of a single location for streamlined management, simplified ordering processes, integrated card terminals, and the flexibility to charge varying rates and fees across different stores. Additionally, it enables you to collect royalties directly at the source effortlessly.

Experience the power of Kayana EPOS and unlock the potential for enhanced business operations and success.

Chain Management - Card Payments

Simplify payments methods

Kayana payment services offer fast and reliable transaction solutions, including card and cash payment technology. We’ve partnered with industry leaders Ayden to accept various payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, catering to diverse customer preferences. With our payment solutions, you can easily monitor and collect payments at the source for royalty collection, enabling better chain management. Our platform provides a convenient way to view all your stores in one place, while also offering valuable insights into sales trends. Additionally, our split payment feature allows for seamless royalty collection at the source, and you’ll receive real-time updates for enhanced convenience.

Franchise Management Solutions​
Franchise Management Solutions​

Franchise Management - Kitchen Display Systems

Accelerating order preparation using Kitchen Display Systems

Kayana’s kitchen display systems optimise the seamless flow of orders from the front to the back and vice versa. The centralised control we provide over all your stores sets our system apart for chains and franchise management solution. This lets you pinpoint why one kitchen outperforms another and implement high-level improvements.

  • Instant control and efficient order tracking across all multi-channel orders.
  • Data analytics – Our KDS monitors order completion time, processing times, and inventory levels, providing valuable data analytics.

Websites for chains and franchises

Showcase your brand effectively

Websites can be complex, and at Kayana, we empathise with the challenges of managing them. Introducing Kayana’s white-label website solutions, specifically designed and developed to empower chains and franchises with comprehensive online tools. Our solution enables businesses to seamlessly accept orders and provide valuable information to customers.
Our custom websites seamlessly integrate into the Kayana ecosystem, enabling you to manage all your stores from a single, user-friendly platform. Showcase your brand and offer your customers an additional and convenient ordering experience.

  • Cross-channel insights.
  • Link your website with online reservation systems, inventory management tools, and other software.
  • Optimised for search engines, ensuring that the customer easily discovers your business online.
Takeaway Website Ordering Systems
kayana self service kiosk

Franchise Management - QR Code Order & Pay

Scan, order and pay

Our digital QR ordering system revolutionises the way customers order food, beverages, and other products. It provides a convenient platform for managing your stores. It facilitates various scenarios where QR codes optimise the return on investment, whether it’s through using dedicated QR codes for a marketing campaign, a special code for a social influencer campaign, or even simplified table ordering.

  • Allow customers to order at their discretion.
  • Real-time updates on inventory levels.
  • Reduce transaction costs.

Chain Management - Revenue Share

revenue share distribution

Our Revenue Share solution helps franchises and chain owners save valuable time, money, and the hassle of managing multiple venues. Split payments offer an efficient and cost-effective way to maximise revenue potential by collecting royalties directly. No more waiting until the end of the month for your commissions. With Kayana Payments, you can effortlessly collect revenue at the source quickly and hassle-free.

  • Maximise efficiency and profitability, ensuring split payments at the source of revenue.
  • Available internationally.
  • Complete transparency on what’s been charged at the source.
Ordering & Payments Made Simple - Using Kayana Revenue Share