Kayana Bakery Technology

Self-Service & In-person Ordering For Bakery's

Your bakery can experience a remarkable boost in efficiency thanks to Kayana’s innovative bakery ordering technology. While traditional pen-and-paper methods have served us well over the years, it’s time to embrace the modern era and harness digitalisation to optimise revenue opportunities. Simplify your bakery operations with our seamless ordering and payment process. Embrace the future of bakery technology.

Kayana Bakery Technology for in-person service and self-service.

Ordering, Payment & Fulfilment

Kayana simplifies and automates your order, payment, and fulfilment processes through innovative technology. Whether it’s self-service kiosks, QR code ordering, or seamless EPOS integration, Kayana offers tailor-made solutions for your bakery, ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

Improve Efficiency & Generate Additional Revenue

Kayana effectively decreases waiting times during critical periods and efficiently manages queues. Additionally, utilising Kayana tools enhances the average order value, thereby boosting operational effectiveness.

kayana self service kiosk

Fully Integrated

Upgrade and enhance your bakery operations with a fully integrated ecosystem of self-service kiosks, EPOS, and QR code ordering. Experience seamless management and conducting of your business, redefining the way you operate.

Bar Technology - Kayana self service kiosk

Bakery Technology - Self Service kiosk

Self-service ordering - A New way to serve

Enhance the customer ordering experience by leveraging Kayana bakery technology. Empower customers with self-service options through user-friendly kiosks or convenient smartphone self-ordering. This increases average spending by enabling the customisation of orders and ensures seamless control and real-time updates of kiosk content from a central location. Stay ahead by introducing new offers, removing out-of-stock products, and providing tailored food recommendations.

Bakery Software Technology - EPOS system

Enhance your bar operations with Kayana EPOS.

Kayana EPOS offers a seamless solution for customer service, payment processing, and overall business management. With a centralised platform, you can efficiently handle all business operations. Gain valuable insights into your bar’s performance through real-time reporting and customised metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive business growth. Kayana EPOS integrates smoothly with card terminals, self-service kiosks, and QR Order and Pay. Streamline your operations and elevate your customer experience with Kayana EPOS.

Kayana self service kiosk
Kayana Bakery Technology For in-person service and self-service

Bakery Hardware - QR Code Order & Pay

Allow customers to use any smart device to order and pay

Our bakery technology revolutionises the way customers place orders for food, beverages, and other products. Customers can conveniently select and pay for their desired items using a simple QR code ordering process, ensuring a swift and contactless transaction. In addition, the system tracks customer preferences, allowing for service optimisation based on real-time inventory updates. By reducing transaction costs, our innovative solution enhances efficiency while maintaining the integrity of our offerings.

Bakery Hardware Technology - Accepting Card Payments

Provide customers with a variety of payment options.

At Kayana, we leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure your bakery operates smoothly. Kayana card terminal accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Our platform accommodates various payment methods, including contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, chip and pin, barcode, NFC, and QR code. This versatility allows us to meet the unique preferences of our diverse customer base with the utmost convenience and satisfaction.

We enhance the speed and efficiency of payment processing, providing businesses with valuable insights and sales trends that are easily accessible. Our constant monitoring of all transactions ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

Choose Kayana for unparalleled payment experiences that combine innovation, convenience, and trust.

kayana self service kiosk