Elevate your operations with Electronic

Kayana has developed an EPOS (electronic point of sale) technology with great care and attention to detail. Our platform is designed to provide our clients with an easy and seamless experience, focusing on simplicity that allows your staff to serve customers more efficiently and quickly. We continuously update our platform to ensure your venue’s system has the latest features and functionalities. Our top priority is to provide excellent service and a seamless experience for your patrons. We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations and improve our services.

EPOS Restaurant Technology

Fully Integrated

Kayana EPOS system has been built to be integrated with the rest of Kayana’s systems, including payment processing via card terminals, self-service kiosks and our order management systems.

Comprehensive Cash Control

Kayana’s Cash Control system lets you easily accept cash, providing real-time updates on money coming in and out of the till. The system continuously monitors and updates a cash ledger for every transaction, recording payments and returns. 

Intelligent Reporting

Kayana provides comprehensive reporting to reduce operational expenses and uncover opportunities for growth. Easily access customisable inventory management, Z-Reports and Y-reports to effortlessly check and adjust stock levels.

Kayana EPOS Making In-Person Serving Simple

Kayana EPOS
Making In-Person Serving Simple.

At Kayana, we understand the importance of personal service when providing efficient customer care. This is why we offer EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) Technology systems to businesses. Our EPOS solutions are digital payment systems that streamline customer interactions and store essential data. They are most commonly used in retail, restaurants, hotels, and other service-oriented settings. Join the countless businesses across these industries who have already improved their operations with Kayana EPOS system!

EPOS & Payments.

Kayana EPOS Technology can now accept card and cash payments. Our card machines are fully integrated into the Kayana system and connected directly to the Kayana EPOS system. 

Our flexible settlement options allow you to choose from default settlement every Monday for the previous week, next-day settlement, or three-day settlement. In addition, itemised financial reporting makes managing your finances a breeze.

We offer straightforward pricing, with the option to rent or purchase outright. Upgrade your ordering system now and enjoy the convenience and ease of use for both you and your customers.

EPOS - Electronic Point Of Sale - From Kayana Making Ordering & Payments Simple
EPOS - Electronic Point Of Sale - Making in person orders simple

Inventory Management

Effectively manage inventory levels with our software. Keep track of products in stock and those that have sold. Easily monitor day-to-day stock availability and set alerts for low inventory. Keep your kitchen and management team synchronised with accurate usage reports. Operate effectively by detecting discrepancies in stock data and potential pitfalls. Our customisable reporting feature allows you to view specific metrics.

Cash Drawer's.
EPOS Point Of Sale Technology

Elevate your payment system by accepting both cash and card payments. Simplify your cash transactions with secure cash drawers integrated into your EPOS system. Your team will effortlessly determine the correct amount of change to give, all while maintaining your cash float. Additionally, enjoy detailed financial reporting for a seamless experience.

Cash Drawer's Electronic Point Of Sale Technology

Why Kayana EPOS?

  • Fully Integrated Solution

Complementing other components of the Kayana ecosystem like Self-Service kiosks, Mobile Ordering, Kitchen Display Systems and QR Code Ordering, our solution works effortlessly, ensuring smooth operational efficiency.

  • Assisted or Self-Installation

The Kayana EPOS system comes perfectly pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box, so setup is a no-brainer. And if you need assistance with installation, we’ve got you covered: our team will dispatch an engineer to get you up and running in no time at all.

  • Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is readily available to provide assistance, whether it’s for adjusting menu items or for real-time problem resolution. A simple message, and we’ll be there for you. Further support is available via our help and support centre.

  • Budget-Friendly Payment Plans

We offer three cost-effective payment methods that can help you and your business start off on the right foot. Whether you prefer to pay upfront, opt for monthly software fee payments, or choose a hybrid approach, we can assist you in getting started.

  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon

Kayana is powered by Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors.

  • Start-Up Support

Kayana is dedicated to helping startups thrive. Take advantage of our startup scheme, designed to support your business’s growth with reduced initial costs.

Kayana Electronic Point Of Sale

What is an EPOS (electronic point of sale)?

An EPOS or electronic point of sale is a software and hardware technology stack to help businesses serve their customers.

What is included with an EPOS?

  • Item Processing
  • Payment Via Cash or Card
  • Receipt
  • Order Fulfilment


Kayana EPOS systems offer seamless stock management robust reporting capabilities, and leverage the power of a cloud-based platform for unrivalled support.

Ordering And Payments

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are invaluable tools for serving customers quickly and efficiently, maximising value and customer satisfaction. These cutting-edge systems offer numerous benefits, including streamlined staff workflows with transparent pricing, simplified order processing, and real-time inventory management.

Moreover, EPOS systems empower business owners with greater control and enhanced decision-making capabilities. With comprehensive visibility and unparalleled accessibility to crucial business data, owners can make well-informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and adapt quickly to market trends.In summary, investing in an EPOS system equips businesses with the competitive advantage necessary for success in today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape..

1. Stock Management

Efficient inventory management is vital for businesses. It involves maintaining optimal stock levels for fast product availability and delivery to customers. Our EPOS system handles these demands at checkout, coordinating with inventory data to update stock records and trigger replenishment alerts. Our system integration with the pricing database ensures up-to-date information, reducing pricing errors. With Kayana EPOS, management can make real-time updates for streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.

2) Reporting

EPOS serves as a powerful asset for conducting real-time audits, providing extensive data on stocks, turnover, profits, and other financial information. This readily accessible and constantly updated information paves the way for advanced predictive modelling, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions.

3) Cloud Based Management Control

Our integrated tech stacks are connected to a centralised cloud-based management control centre. This platform empowers owners and management with a comprehensive overview of their business operations.

4) Industry-specific EPOS

Finally, Kayana EPOS can be used for many different types of businesses not only hospitality.