Fast-Serving Restaurant Solutions

Kayana provides cutting-edge software technologies for fast-service restaurants, enabling efficient order processing with speed and precision. By leveraging these technologies, your customers can enjoy a seamless, engaging, and enhanced dining experience, giving your business a significant competitive edge.

Speed is crucial for fast-service restaurants to maximize revenue, and that’s precisely what Kayana offers.

Fast Service Restaurants Software Allows you to serve faster while maintaining the highest service levels.

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Implementation Assistance

At Kayana, unlike other providers, we believe that one-size-fits-all is not the way to go, especially for FSR’s. We prioritise collaborating with suitable brands looking to boost revenue and increase average order value. We offer implementation assistance throughout the process, from planning to installation and aftercare.

Omnichannel Ordering 

Businesses such as Fast Service Restaurants can provide fast and convenient service to their customers by offering various ordering channels, including self-service kiosks, mobile apps, online platforms, and EPOS systems. This omnichannel approach improves customer experience and loyalty and provides valuable data and insights to boost revenue.

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Customer Service

Traditional operators still need to rely on pen and paper to avoid the risk of poor customer service caused by unsuitable technology. At Kayana, we’ve developed a system prioritising the customer needs. From simplified ordering to assisting the kitchen with order preparation and serving the customer with specialised labels, our system helps improve service. 

Fast Serving Restaurants Solutions

Self-Service kiosk for fast serving restaurants

Self-service kiosks have become crucial for fast-service restaurants. These kiosks allow customers to quickly and easily place their orders without waiting in long lines or dealing with the potential errors that can occur when ordering through a human employee. In addition to improving the efficiency of the ordering process, self-service kiosks also provide a more personalised experience for customers. They can select their customisations and visually confirm them, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer errors. Overall, self-service kiosks are essential for fast-service restaurants looking to provide their customers with a fast, efficient, and personalised experience. By investing in this technology, FSR’s can improve customer satisfaction, drive revenue, and streamline operations.

Self-Service kiosk Solutions for Fast-Serving Restaurants By Kayana
Fast-Serving Restaurants Solutions By Kayana - EPOS

EPOS Solutions for Fast Serving Restaurants

Serve your customers faster using a EPOS

Kayana EPOS systems are a fantastic option for fast-serving restaurants for various reasons. Firstly, the speed and accuracy of the system are unparalleled – orders can be taken and processed quickly, ensuring speedy service for customers. Additionally, the system can be customised to suit the unique needs of each restaurant, allowing for easy menu editing and the addition of special promotions or discounts. The Kayana EPOS also provides detailed reports and insights, enabling restaurant owners to track sales, inventory, and customer data easily. Overall, the Kayana EPOS system is an excellent investment for any fast-serving restaurant looking to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Display Systems For Fast serving restaurants

Systems That Improve Kitchen Productivity​

Are you looking to streamline your kitchen operations in your fast-serving restaurant and increase efficiency? Our Kitchen Display Screens can help reduce prep times, increase throughput, and consolidate all your orders in one place. Live reporting lets you easily track process times for all online, in-house, and takeaway orders. Plus, our system allows for instant control and order tracking across all your channels, with helpful audio alerts to notify staff of new or updated orders. Keep an eye on your inventory with our inventory management feature, alerting you when stock is running low and providing daily availability levels.

Kitchen Display Systems for FSR's
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Payments Acceptance for Fast Serving Restaurants

Accept Cash, Card and Even Bank Transfers.

Kayana makes payment acceptance simple and convenient for your FSR’s by allowing cash, card, and bank transfer options. Our easy-to-use card processing system displays charges for different cards and settlement periods according to your requirements. Additionally, we offer payment link services, website ordering, and physical and mobile card terminals. Whatever your payment processing needs are, Kayana has you covered.

Website for fast serving restaurants

Allow your customers to order onine

Are you looking for a personalised website that seamlessly integrates with your internal systems? Look no further than Kayana Website Services. Our fully branded and customised websites are designed to help your FSRs efficiently manage orders. Our QR code, mobile, and online ordering capabilities allow customers to place orders for delivery, takeaway, or dining easily. Plus, our integration with the Kayana ecosystem ensures an organised and optimised customer experience, saving you money in the long run.

Takeaway Website Ordering Systems
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QR Code Order & Pay

Streamline your operations seamlessly.

Our digital ordering system provides a new way for your clients to order food, beverages, and other products by simply scanning a QR code displayed on a table, menu or other point of sale. By providing customers with a faster and contactless payment method but also help businesses streamline their operations seamlessly.

  • Track customer preferences and use this information to optimise your services.
  • Real-time updates on inventory levels
  • Reduce transaction costs
We process card payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.