Enhance your online presence with website Ordering.

Elevate your business to the digital forefront with a bespoke website ordering solution from Kayana. Our team will craft a platform that mirrors your brand’s identity while integrating custom online ordering, table reservations and other personalised systems tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. 

Website Ordering Solutions
Boost your growth with Kayana's Website Ordering Solution

Boost Your Growth with Online Ordering.

Easily brand your business online with Kayana. We provide an affordable online ordering system which includes feature-rich capabilities, customer data access, and loyalty campaigns, all without the hassle of investing costs or maintaining technology. Achieve greater growth with Kayana – the optimal solution for businesses.

Integrated Website Ordering

Kayana is your all-in-one solution for the seamless integration of website orders with Kayana EPOS, Order Processing, and kitchen display systems. This results in a simplified, end-to-end flow for order processing, allowing you to serve customers more promptly and efficiently.

Integrated Website Ordering Solutions

Enhanced Customer Experience

We integrate Kayana ecosystem applications and third-party applications easily, enabling you to link your website with various applications, such as online reservation systems, inventory management systems, and more.

Intuitive User Experience 

Our website templates are designed to simplify the ordering process and highlight your brand and product offering. This ensures a seamless user experience leading to higher customer engagement.

Additional Revenue Channel

Build your brand awareness and engage with customers through any device at any time. We build websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly, making them easily accessible on different devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Why Kayana?
  • Seamless experience
Our website utilises identical software solutions integrated within other Kayana ecosystem components, including a Self-Service kiosk, Kitchen Display System, and QR code Ordering, providing a seamless online and offline experience.
  • Unified Commerce
Omnichannel services provide great flexibility to the customer while providing great insights for your business. Kayana’s backend systems are connected to deliver data with valuable cross-channel insights.
  • Fully Customised
We offer complete website customisation to cater to your unique brand identity and requirements. This reflects your brand image effectively and helps you better connect with your target customers.
  • SEO Optimised
Our team of experts ensures that your website is optimised for search engines, making it easier for customers to find your business online.
  • Payment Provider, You Can Rely Upon
Kayana white-labelled websites use Adyen, one of the largest global payment processors, for its online payment processing service.
Kayana's Website Ordering Solution