Cafe EPOS & Self-Service Systems

Allowing your cafe to serve more Efficiently

Are you looking for ways to enhance your Cafe’s ordering and payment procedures while still maintaining top-notch customer service? Consider modernising your processes to help staff increase sales and improve overall efficiency. With the right tools and approach, you can streamline the ordering and payment experience for your customers, resulting in a seamless and satisfying experience for all. 

Cafe EPOS & Self-Service Technology

Simplify Service

We’re excited to offer technology which helps faster ordering and payments so that you can concentrate on your business needs. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insight into your customer preferences, behaviour which in turn will boost your average order values and repeat customers!

Improve Operations

Use Kayana as your technical partner to help improve your customer service by improving your operations. From when an order is placed, we understand it is important to serve the customer as efficiently as possible hence why we have created a supporting application to help process orders as quickly as possible.

kayana self service kiosk

Customer Retention

Keeping hold of existing customers is often cheaper than acquiring new ones. Our whole cafe ordering technology is based on this concept with the idea that it is vital to know your customer and their behavioural habits hence promoting repeat custom.

Self Service kiosk - Kayana Cafe Systems

Embrace Self-Service with Kayana Solutions for Cafes

Simplify your order flow by allowing your customers to self-order using a self-service kiosk. Enhance your customers’ experience with our user-friendly touchscreen interface that can be customised to meet your business needs. Allow your customers to order and pay at their convenience rather than waiting to be served.


  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Real-time updates for order fulfilment.
Kayana self service kiosk
Kayana self service kiosk

EPOS - Kayana Cafe Systems

EPOS - In-person made simple for your Café

Streamline your Cafe operations by serving customers in-person and electronically.  With kayana EPOS you can place orders, and process payments, whilst managing everything from one centralised platform. Our system is designed to work seamlessly with both static  EPOS and handheld MPOS devices, making it easy to use within your existing setup.

  • Serve Customers In-person.
  • Simplify Order Processing
  • End to End integration including card payments.
  • Easy to Set-up.

Accept Card Payments At Your Cafe

Streamline your payment flow

Kayana implements technology to offer swift and dependable transaction payment services. The benefits of letting your customers use cards for payment are immense, from automated banking at the end of the week to providing more payment options. Staff also have an easier time instead of worrying about how much change they need to give. 

  • Enhanced speed and efficiency in payment processing
  • Valuable insights and sales trends are easily accessible to businesses
  • Ensured security with constant monitoring of all transaction
kayana self service kiosk
Kitchen Display Systems for FSR's

Kitchen Display Systems For Cafes

Help Your Kitchen Prepare Orders Faster

Maximise the efficiency of your kitchen with our Kitchen Display Screens that streamline preparation times and reduce waiting times.

  • Instant control and efficient order tracking across all multi-channel orders
  • Audio alerts inform staff when new or updated orders arrive
  • Inventory management – monitor stock variance, view available levels, and receive alerts when running low