All The Features of Our Efficient Self Service App

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All The Features of Our Efficient Self-Service App

Everyday interactions are becoming increasingly virtual, including those in the service industry. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and more are investing in technology that improves services by removing the need for servers to come and take a customer’s order. 


Implementing technology like self service kiosks or a self service app customers order from is incredibly beneficial. At Kayana, we are determined to provide our clients with these useful technologies to enhance their businesses. Instituting a self service app at a restaurant or bar increases efficiency, improves customer experiences, and increases revenue.

Self-Service App Features

Self-service apps are not only beneficial for businesses–but they’re also super convenient for customers. Our self service app has features that allow customers to receive improved service by decreasing the time it takes to order, get their food, and pay for it. This is done by taking the responsibility of ordering away from servers enabling them to be more productive and attend to other tasks quicker.


Kayana’s self-service app is available for download on any mobile device and puts service in your hands. Our easy-to-use app is accessible to everyone as it does not require users to be tech-savvy. Your favourite restaurants are available on the app as long as they have one of our self-service kiosks.


The most beneficial features of the Kayana self service app are that customers can preorder food, enjoy contactless dining, browse the restaurants that offer this type of ordering system, and leave reviews. Our app puts your favourite cuisines at your fingertips with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Shorter Wait Times 

This convenient app makes getting food more effortless and saves you precious time, meaning you can enjoy your food more even during the busiest moments. Our app lets you search restaurants for your favourite food and place an order from your phone without ever stepping inside or calling the restaurant. All you have to do is pick up your order.

Contactless Dining 

The ability to preorder food not only decreases the time you have to wait on your food but also allows you to enjoy contactless dining. Our app eliminates the need for face-to-face ordering and food pickup and limits the time you need to spend inside the restaurant. This is an extremely valuable aspect, especially with the increased health risks that have plagued the world since the COVID-19 pandemic

Various Options 

Our efficient self-service app lets you search restaurants that use our service so you can browse for your favourite food or current cravings. Deciding where to eat is difficult and sometimes even takes away your appetite because of the time it takes to settle in a restaurant. Our app shows you the types of cuisines available at the restaurants using our services.

Convenient Reviewing 

Our app also lets you easily leave reviews on restaurants, the food, and the service. All of these are enhanced by businesses using our app and other self service technologies like our self service kiosk machines. Say goodbye to annoying online review processes and leave a kind word for your favourite eatery!


Check out our self-service mobile ordering app at Kayana to skip the line and get your favourite foods faster!

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