Dark Kitchens

highly efficient production units without a storefront that are optimized for delivery.

Higher Efficiency

Say goodbye to long queues, order mistakes, & over-stressed staff

Enhanced Experience

Empower your customers to order and pay by themselves through an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Increased Revenue

Fulfill more orders during peak hours, appeal to millenials and zoomers, and upsell more naturally

Boost Your Restaurant’s Operational Efficiency

  • Leave orders and payments to our kiosk and let your staff take care of the rest


  • Streamline your operations with orders being forwarded automatically from the kiosk to your kitchen and notifier screens


  • Control and update your kiosk(s) content easily, from a central location and in real-time

Offer a Seamless Self-Ordering & Payment Experience

  • Delight your guests with a convenient ordering and payment experience


  • Upgrade your brand image by offering faster services and adopting new techinnovations


  • Build closer relationships with your customers through smart and personalized order suggestions