Collecting Tips For Businesses

Introducing “Collecting Tips for Businesses” by Kayana, the ultimate in payment convenience. Kayana’s tip collection system enables you to easily distinguish between your revenue and tips using the same card terminal. Our terminals are designed to collect tips starting from as little as 50p per day. Tips are processed separately from your main income, freeing you to focus on managing your business instead of handling tip distribution.

Collecting Tips For Businesses - Powered By Kayana.
Collecting Tips For Businesses

Why Collect Tips using kayana Card Machines?

Kayana’s innovative tip-collection system simplifies the process of accepting both payments and tips in a single, convenient transaction. For seamless financial management, we establish two separate accounts for you, allowing a clear distinction between your revenue and tips. This distinction is further clarified through two distinct payouts, enabling you to easily identify the income generated from tips. Moreover, our advanced platform offers flexible tip distribution options. You can choose to distribute tips manually, allocate them equally among your staff, or direct them to the specific staff member who earned the tip, enhancing fairness and transparency in the tipping process.

Tip Collection Use Cases

Implementing card payment systems for collecting tips is set to revolutionise a variety of sectors, including beauty and hospitality, offering a streamlined experience in settings such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Example One:

For hairdressers, the traditional method of collecting tips via card payments comes with its challenges, from manual calculations to staff dissatisfaction. Kayana’s mobile card terminals offer a solution by enabling the addition of staff profiles to payments. This approach allows tips to be directly allocated to the hairdresser, eliminating the need for daily calculations. Simplification is further achieved by registering staff members on the Kayana platform as tip-collecting employees and ensuring the automatic distribution of tips to the team upon payout initiation.

Example Two:

Consider a restaurant with 50 employees, where tips are collected and evenly distributed. Traditional practices involve extensive manual calculations by the accounting team to determine and add tips to the monthly salary. Kayana streamlines this workflow by facilitating the separate payment and distribution of tips to staff. Alternatively, by registering staff on the Kayana platform, tips are automatically paid out according to the distribution rate set for each staff member, simplifying the entire process.

Collecting Tips Use Case


A Simple Way To Start Collecting Tips
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  • Collect Tips Via Card
  • Sepearte Payout To Your Revenue
  • Simplified Reporting


Streamline Your Workflow with Automated Distribution
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  • All Features In Garnet
  • Automated Distribution of Gratuities
  • Disperse Equally, Individually or Based On Custom Set Up
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