At The Bar Technology

No More Ques At The Bar

Kayana helps you to deal with the pressures of running a bar.

Kayana - At the bar system that puts your business first.

Serve More Customers
Simple Ordering
Contactless Payments
1% Commission To Pay
24/7 Support
Increased Efficiency
Numbered Queue System
Reduce Errors.

Easy Ordering

Make ordering a breeze with Kayana! With the easy-access menu design, customers can order drinks with several options and extras, saving staff time and letting them focus on making excellent drinks!

Realtime Notifications

Once an order is accepted, the customer receives notifications for each step of the way. Once ready, the customer is notified and a screen showcasing the order number displays it as ready to collect.

Supercharge Your Bar

Kayana At the Bar allows you to supercharger customer service and improve on revenue. Increased ordering and payment efficiency allows for quicker service, keeping customers happy and growing your bottom line.

Customer Satisfaction

When you use Kayana At The Bar as part of your serving, you improve efficiency and eliminate staff order errors. This reduces wastage while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Low Commision Fees

Kayana At The Bar costs you just 1% of your order total. It’s like having a staff member that takes orders without mistakes, processes payments swiftly and allows for table management all for 1%.

Know Your Customer

As a business, it’s imperative to know your customers. Kayana provides you with all the tools you need to track and accommodate your customers ahead of time. From dietary requirements to favourite drinks, Kayana can help make your customer service better.

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Menu Management
Pricing Updates
Order Tracking & Management
Open/Close Business Instantly

Increase Service

Improve Service
Reduce Staff Errors
Increase Time Efficiency
Reduce Service Time
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Looking for a Better Bar Management Solution? Look No Further!