Contactless Table Service

Contactless Table Service allows your customers to order and pay on the app or online


The Table self-service solution for your business

restaurant self ordering app

Do you experience queues and long waiting times at your venue? 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when people are hungry and have to wait only to order food. 

With Kayana’s contactless ordering system, you can offer your customers the chance to sit at their table and order food straight away. Could you not make them wait anymore?

Using our table service solution to generate this incredible experience encourages your clients to come back!

visual online menu

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is not different for restaurants.

Make your food stand out in Kayana’s online menu and let your customers see how the dishes look like to choose wisely and potentially order more. Who can resist a food temptation when it just looks amazing?

Kayana’s food ordering solution also allows your clients to customise their orders and upsell your products.


The perfect pOS software

Do you imagine a fast, precise and error-free waiter?

With Kayana digital ordering system, your dream waiter will become a reality. Our food ordering and payment software will avoid you common ordering mistakes and in consequence, unfortunate customer experiences.

Eliminate staff error in the ordering process and evade food waste at the same time.

food ordering system
food payment app

Online payment system

Streamline your business by allowing online payments through our food ordering and payment app.

You clients will be able to pay their bill on their phone and leave whenever they want -leaving the table available earlier for the next client. Moreover, they will have the record of what they ordered in your restaurant for the next time they visit it.

And a bonus advantage! Go green with Kayana. With our online payment solution, you won’t need to print receipts anymore!

Leverage Customer service

Kayana’s order management software will allow you to speed up your business, serve more clients, boost your sales and what is essential: Improve your customer’s experience.

There isn’t restaurant without clients and clients always come back to the places where they had a great experience. When your venue is quite busy, is not that easy to have everything under control, but Kayana helps you streamline the ordering and payment process. Free up your staff and allow them to provide an excellent customer service that will make your clients remember your restaurant.

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