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Simplicity is Beautiful

Delivery shouldn’t be difficult. The Kayana delivery system simplifies the customer journey from ordering to reviews. Accept, amend, or decline orders, and eliminate mixups with end-to-end secure order tracking.

Self Delivery

Kayana Offers Self Delivery. Delivery are made by your team so there is no need to panic about the quality of delivery as its done by the high standards you set.

Increase Your Profits

Tired of the high fees from delivery apps? We’re not surprised! Kayana Delivery App allows you to self deliver so the charges are minimal and payments are direct to your bank account.

Delivery To The Door

Widen your route to market by making use of our Kayana delivery. You set your parameters of delivery from 1 mile to 10 miles whatever suits your business.

Need Help

With Kayana Customer Service on hand, you’ve got it covered. Our customer support team members are here to help with whatever you or your customer needs.

Insights into your customers

They’re your customers, why should you pay to access them? Kayana helps you market to your customers free of charge using the Kayana app infrastructure.

Introducing Kayana Partners App

The Partners App is your business portal for all things Kayana! You can edit menus, manage orders and table reservations, process payments and more, all in real-time. Powerful management tools for you, real-time updates and peace of mind for the customer. Win-win!

Increase Sales

Adding Kayana delivery service to your business increases customer satisfaction and convenience, boosting revenue and loyalty at no expense. Break free of the fees with Kayana.


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