Kayana In The Park

Kayana In The Park

Kayana announces its plans to launch Kayana In The Park In May.

Food and Drink Which you can order straight to the park

After a year of Lockdown, many people have now adapted to socialising outdoors, mainly in the park. With restrictions continuing on dining indoors until Mid May and further restrictions likely with new variations randomly popping up. Both restaurants and customers now need to adapt to new fine dining. Introducing Kayana in the park, bringing fine dining to Hyde Park as well as Green Park.

Define Fine Dining?
First, Kayana has partnered with four major partners to allow for fine dining in the park.

These partners are:
Misto Mayfair – Fine Italian Food and Pizza
Sofra Mayfair – Fine Turkish Food
Mayfair News and Wines – Providers of General Convenience
Tiger Cookies – Fine dining for cakes and cookies

Utilising Kayana in the park means upping your picnic game from your normal sandwiches in the park to something more special. With a wide variety of food and drink to choose from, Kayana in the park helps you relax and enjoy yourself while we help make your time in the park extra special. Kayana in the park will be available from the 3rd of May for delivery to where you are sat, and we welcome you to download the app and give us a try. Unlike many others, our prices are the same as what you would pay in the stores, and we charge a small application fee with the cheapest delivery fees around.

Picnics just improved with the help of Kayana in the park, which gives you the ability to order pizza, pasta, kebabs, drinks, crisp, chocolates and London’s finest cookies.


If you would like to become a brand ambassador, please do get in touch by contacting us at info@kayana.co.uk.

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