Kayana App: Streamlining Hospitality with Kayana


Kayana continues to support hospitality businesses with the introduction of Kayana App! Enable your customers to make payments instantly using QR code technology on your receipts.

With short staffing and covid safety at the same time as a huge surge of post-lockdown and return to office business levels, saving time and increasing staff efficiency is absolutely crucial for the hospitality industry. On the flip side, providing excellent customer service has always been essential for encouraging repeat business. Eating out is something many of us look forward to as a treat, and yet many people say that aspects of the typical restaurant experience can cause annoyances or even stress!

Research shows that it can take more than 10 minutes for a party of 6 or less to pay for food at the end of a meal. For groups bigger than six, each diner adds another 90 seconds to the transaction. The news gets worse for slow service. A Barclaycard study also found that over a third of restaurant goers find waiting for the bill the most frustrating part of eating out, with a quarter saying they would consider walking out without paying if the wait for the bill was too long! 

Two in three (67%) feel that paying automatically or ‘invisibly’, rather than physically, would improve customer satisfaction and 95 per cent of restauranteurs would prefer if their staff could focus on delivering good service, rather than spending time on taking payment. Here at Kayana, we agree! For the business owner, the question then becomes “how do we save our staff time while still providing an excellent service for our guests”?

With Kayaba App, fruitless attempts to attract attention and waiting for the card reader to free up is now over. Now when providing a bill, Kayana Partners have the option to simply print a QR code receipt for payment.

Customers who don’t already have Kayana can fill in their details and make a one off payment with the option to save them and create a Kayana account. For those who already have a Kayana account, they will be taken directly into the app payment interface to select their preferred payment card.

We believe that offering business owners new, more flexible ways to accept payment is beneficial for not just the business itself, but also the staff and the customers!

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