KDS – Kitchen Display Screens

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You can synchronise your restaurant operations better than ever by linking your front-of-house and back-of-house staff! Our kitchen display systems provide businesses with a comprehensive view of all orders, allowing staff to filter through new, prepared, or completed orders quickly. And with real-time ticket tracking, businesses can prioritise their workflow accordingly and ensure a fast turnaround in customer service.

Transparent fees

KDS has no payment fees

£29.99 Per Month

36 Months Software Contract


  1. 80 mm Thermal Printer 
  2. Power Supply

With our KDS Starter Pack you get the following:

  1. 15.6 Android Screen
  2. 80mm Thermal Printer

Kayana EPOS are is compatible with Kayana 80 mm Thermal printers which can be bought from Kayana and able to communicate over USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

At Kayana we understand its our responsibility to ensure you serve your customers efficiently, for 36 months you can rest assured you have the right product to work with your business.

The software contract includes your KDS software and card machine. Including a like for like replacement guarantee.