Self-Service Kiosk


Introducing our self-service kiosk available to purchase today.

Our self-service kiosks are now purchasable online, equipped with pre-installed Kayana self-service software, a seamlessly integrated payment system, and a receiving solution. Begin using them within three days of purchase, with comprehensive support, including assistance with menu setups.

Transparent fees

There are no hidden fees or interchange fees or PCI Fees.
Local Credit and Debit: 1.3%
International and Commercial Cards: 2.6%
American Express: 3%
Authorisation fee: 6p

Should your monthly transactions exceed £20,000, we encourage you to consult with our team to secure the most advantageous rates.

36 Months Software Contract


  1. Card Machine,
  2. Cash Draw,
  3. 80 mm Thermal Printer 
  • With our Self-Service Starter Pack you get the following:
  1. a 16″, 24″ or 32″ kiosk
  2. Self-Service Software
  3. Order Receiving Tablet
  4. 80mm Thermal Printer
  5. P400 Card Terminal

Kayana allow you to process all major credit and debit cards, from Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

  • Kayana is a fully integrated platform service provider using Adyen as its preferred card processor.

Local Credit and Debit Cards means all locally issued cards for personal use.

International & Commercial Credit and Debit Cards means all foreign and commercial or corporate card issued cards for personal use.

At Kayana we understand its our responsibility to ensure you serve your customers efficiently, for 36 months you can rest assured you have the right product to work with your business.

The software contract includes your Kiosk software and card machine. Including a like for like replacement guarantee.