Are Self-Service Kiosks Suitable For Your Business?​

  1. Your customers have waited more than 5 minutes to order or pay
  2. Sudden queues in peak hours
  3. You feel like you never have enough staff
  4. Looking for new ways to increase revenue
Self Service Made Simple By Kayana

Future Proof Your Restaurant
Using a Self Service Kisok

Increase Efficiency

Say goodbye to:
1. Long queues,
2. Order mistakes,
3. Over-stressed staff

Enhanced Experience

Empower your customers to order and pay by themselves through an intuitive and user-friendly interface


Increased Revenue

Fulfill more orders during peak hours, appeal to millenials and zoomers, and upsell more naturally

Self-Service Kiosk Types

10 inch table top self service kiosk for quick ordering

10 Inch Counter Top Kiosk

Work smart, not hard with our table tabs allowing your customers to directly order and pay directly from their table.  Convenient to fit on the tables.

16 inch desktop kiosk available

16 Inch Kiosk

Utilise the small size of the 16-inch kiosk to help your customers order and pay when ordering. Available counter-top, free standing and wall mounted

24 Inch Kiosk

Our best seller has to be the 24-inch kiosk, free-standing or wall mounted. Allowing the customer to have a visual view of your menu and be able to order and pay.

32 Inch Kiosk

If space isn’t the issue the 32-inch screens are great. A visual presence is created for your customers to physically see upon entering your store. Available free standing and wall mounted.

Pricing Plans

Kayana offers numerous pricing models suitable for your business needs

Pay As You Go

£ 0

No Upfront Cost

36 Month Contract

11.9% Application Fee

30 pence per transaction

Tablet – Screen – Kiosk Included

Pay Monthly

£ 79.99

No Upfront Cost

36 Month Contract

4.9% Application Fee

25 pence per transaction

Tablet – Screen – Kiosk Included

Upfront Purchase

£ 2750

24 or 32-inch self-service kiosk

36-month contract

3.9% Application Fee

25 pence per transaction

Tablet – Screen – Kiosk Included

Software Only

£ 49.99

Easy To Use Software

Rolling Monthly Contract

4.9% Application Fee

25 pence per transaction

Equipment Not Included

0 %

Are happier to self-order than be served

0 %

On average we see a major improvement in speed of service

0 %

20-30% increase in revenue is to be expected by adopting to a self-service model.

0 %

Like to leave feedback on their experience of self-service.

Kayana Self-Service Solution

  • Fully Integrated Solution – Works seamlessly with other components of Kayana ecosystem
  • Easy Installation – Our Installation team come and install in one day.
  • Dedicated Support Team – Support team available to assist when and if needed.
  • Affordable Pricing Plan – With three different models we can help you and your business to get started in the most cost effective way.
Self-Service Ordering - Kayana Partners Application

Empowering all types of F&B businesses


Food courts

Streamline Restaurant Operations

Boost Your Restaurant’s Operational Efficiency

  • Leave orders and payments to our kiosk and let your staff take care of the serving
  • Streamline your operations with orders being forwarded automatically from the kiosk to your servers and kitchens
  • Control and update your kiosk(s) content in real-time, from a central location.
Tiger Cookies uses Kayana for its self service kiosk

Offer a Seamless Self-Ordering & Payment Experience

  • Delight your guests with a convenient ordering and payment experience using self-service
  • Upgrade your brand by modernising your technologies to accommodate new customers
  • Learn about your customer’s habits, what sells and what doesn’t, amending your menu to suit what your customer wants.
Future Proof Your Business With Kayana

Increase Your Revenue Streams

      Did you know

  • On average, order sizes increase by 10%
  • Promote your latest products allowing customers access to information
  • Serve more customers without having to pay for more staff.
Future Proofing your business with self sevice kiosk

Key Facts

      Did you know?

  • More than 75%of Gen Z and millennials said they would visit more if kiosks were available.
  • 70% of consumers find waiting at a Quick Service Restaurant frustrating. 
  • If the wait is more than 10 minutes customers tend to leave and go elsewhere.
Self Service Kiosk Screen Size Mat

Screen Size

When it comes to selecting your kiosks, size matters. Larger screens are eye-catching and easy to see and easier for some customers to use Smaller kiosks are effective for smaller locations but can be harder to spot, potentially reducing overall usage.

Kayana helps position Kiosk in the primary positions


Principally there are three prime locations for positioning. From wall mounted to free-standing or tabletop, there is a range of options depending upon the size of the space and the overall effect you’re hoping to achieve.

Grow your restaurant with Kayana


How many kiosks do you need? There are set rules to calculate how many screens are needed. At Kayana, one advantage we have is we provide hardware and software, so our team can support you in every step of your requirements.

Restaurant functionality


Opt for a product that allows you to add or remove features in real-time according to customer preferences. Serve your customers the way you want, from ordering at the kiosk to notifying your consumers when ordering is ready, Kayana has a solution for every problem you may face.

Reduce Queues With Kayana

Reduce Queues​

1. Requesting A Menu!
2. Waiting To Order!
3. Requesting The Bill!
4. Paying The Bill!

Self-Service helps eliminates all of the above pain points allowing your staff to do what they do the best – serve!

Let your customers order and pay at their convenience while your staff concentrate on providing them with excellent customer service.

Self-Service reduces queue times by removing two simple processes, ordering and payments.

Real Time Ordering With Kayana

Real-Time Ordering

Kayana’s interactive kiosk allows you to manage your menu and order status in real-time.

Digital kiosks allow you to introduce new offers, remove out-of-stock products and set food recommendations.

Moreover, it also allows clients to customise their food. Customisation has been proved to increase an order’s value.
Customers tend to select additional options, sides, and drinks when this option is offered.

Once ordered, our real-time order updates are visual in the app or screens showing the order’s status.

increase productivity using Kayana

Increase Productivity

Implementing self-service kiosks will allow your staff time to be free and focus on improving the customer experience. They will have more time to interact with customers, focus on food quality, and ensure everything is at the highest standards your customer expects.

Remember, customers, come back for two main reasons.
1. Quality of food
2. Speed of service

Kayana Self-Service Kiosk and Table Ordering App allow your customer to take control of ordering and payments, leaving your team to serve the food.

Increase revenue growth

Increase Revenue

Restaurants that use touchscreen kiosks have reported up to a 25% increase in sales.
Why is that?
Unlike employees –
1. Kiosk always upsell
2. A kiosk removes social friction.
3. Customers feel more comfortable ordering.
4. People like to visualise what they are ordering.
Restaurants using self-service kiosks like McDonald’s have reported more than a 6-25% sales increase.

Change the Future Of Your Business With A Kiosk

Increase revenue with Kayana


Interactive kiosk market revenue worldwide has grown by 1.71 billion dollars in one year (from 2020 to 2021). According to Statista, it is expected to grow exponentially to $45 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 6.9%.  

Self service Ordering Kiosk

Self Ordering

With this in mind, Self-Service Kiosk and Mobile Ordering will become more popular over the next few years.

Future Proof Your Business

Future Proof

Kayana is at the forefront of research and development in self-service, with continuous development being the scene that allows us to evolve our offering at a rapid pace.

Researching Self Service


As Tillster’s research found, 60% of the population interviewed said they would visit a limited-service restaurant more often if it had interactive kiosks. Furthermore, 57% affirmed that they would leave the venue if it had a queue of 5 or more people at the counter.