Getting Started

At the time of partner equipment handover/setup, all Kayana tablets will be formatted so the Kayana app is pinned to the window. If the tablet restarts or shuts down for any reason, upon rebooting you will see the Kayana app prominently displayed on the tablet landing page.

Tap the app to open it and launch the log-in page.

Log-in using your Partner business credentials. For your convenience, login details are available on the sticker on the back of your tablet.

 Once logged in, you will see a paper bag icon, the venue status (Open/Closed), the time the venue closes/opens, and 5 icons on the left hand side of the screen.


The first tab and top-most square icon is for app management, and is not part of the order process. Navigating to this icon allows you to view Table Management, Payouts, and Menus, as well as logout if needed.


The remaining tabs are part of the active order flow- these tabs each represent a different stage of the order process, with all orders progressing through each.


Order Requests: The first activity tab, where new order requests will show before they are accepted. Orders will move to the next section after you have marked them in progress.

Tapping the new order full screen notification should take you to this tab.


Note: if your tablet ever logs out after receiving an order, its important to check this section upon logging back in. Any orders received while logged out will not provide a full screen notification but will show up in requests.


Takeaway, Delivery & KITP: when ready for collection by customer/delivery agent.


Dine in: when the dish has been handed over from the kitchen to the service staff and is about to be served.