What Makes QR Code-Based Payments Right For You?


QR Code-Based Payments


Why give your customers any reason to wait any longer than they need to? Once most diners have finished the meal, they don’t want to wait to make payment. Furthermore, your waiters shouldn’t have to spend time checking whether they are ready to make payment as they are certain to have many other tasks that they can be getting on with. What this means is that you should look at an alternative solution that really can make a difference for your customers and your business. The solution is QR Code-Based Payments.


What Makes QR Code-Based Payments Right For You?


More businesses are automating processes and your business should look to fall in line with them. The focus of your business and your staff should be to provide an excellent level of service. However, how can they take care of other customers when they are managing payments of cash and cards at the table of diners who have already enjoyed their meal?


The reality is that QR Code-Based Payments will provide a seamless and simple way for customers to pay when it suits them. All you need to do is provide them with their bill that contains their QR Code and they can pay when they are ready.


You will also have the potential to reduce your turnover time. As payments can be streamlined and simplified, it means that diners are able to pay and leave quicker than those who are waiting for waiters and waitresses to come back with their payment machines. When you can reduce the payment time for every table, you’ll have the scope to generate more revenue. These payments are quick and simple, enabling you to get more customers through the door.


Furthermore, customer service is vital for any business but customer service is determined by the average handling time and the average service processing time. With a slick solution in place, QR Code-Based payments in place, handling time is significantly reduced and the processing time is also reduced. All of this results in an enhanced customer experience that drives up satisfaction at the same time.


You can also make it possible to minimise the amount of data that would usually be handled during the payment process. With our solution in place, users will have the potential to save their card information to their accounts. This will enable them to make rapid payments in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks. Once the payment has been confirmed, they will receive their confirmation and are ready to get on their way, it couldn’t be easier or more convenient.


Finally, tips are important for businesses and staff but opting for QR Code-Based Payments won’t mean that tips are a thing of the past. You can still segregate tips within the payment screen and that makes it possible for tips to be managed outside of revenue, offering simplicity and convenience.


Customers no longer want drawn-out processes that take time. They are looking for simplified processes and that’s where QR Code-Based payments can really make a difference.


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