Bar Ordering Made Simple

Bar Ordering Made Simple

Bar Ordering Made Simple


The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things but the hospitality sector has discovered many new things about how to streamline its services. This is because bars have had to stop people from ordering at the bar and instead offer ordering through an app. This might have been an alien concept initially but it soon became clear that this kind of approach actually works, so what are the advantages of ordering through an app?


Ordering is Simple


Customers can access your menu and order drinks from the bar without the need of speaking with a member of staff. They can add the likes of lemon and ice as well as other extras and then submit the order. All of this allows them to take advantage of the convenience that this offers and it makes things easier for your business.


The Customer is Made Aware of the Process


Once a customer has submitted their order, they will receive notifications of the order process. Once the drink has been made, they will be given an order number so they can collect their order. It’s the simple way of ensuring your customers are always informed and receive exactly what they ordered.


Improve Customer Service


There are many things that can go wrong during the traditional ordering process. Bar staff can take the wrong order or they can make the wrong drink while they can even forget to make some orders. With app ordering, everything is submitted by the customer which means that there is no room for error on your part. You are then provided with a handy order that allows you to get everything right. This means that you are delivering a higher level of customer service and that alone can help to increase revenue.


Provide a Faster Service


Taking orders will usually take time as your staff will have to manually take the order, note it down and then run it through the till before preparing the order. This all takes time and can leave your customers waiting for longer than is necessary. However, with our app, you can provide a faster service as everything is streamlined from start to finish. From the moment the order is placed, you can begin preparing it, ensuring customers receive everything as quickly as possible.


Give Your Staff Time to Do More


As your staff won’t be taking orders manually, it means that they have more time to carry out other tasks. Whether it’s restocking items, clearing tables or tidying behind the bar, they won’t be spending time dealing with customers but will be placing their focus on other areas of your business which can only help to add more value.


Increase Your Profits

When people can order from an app, the convenience makes it easier to order more. They might order their next round of drinks before finishing their existing drinks, leading to increased orders. They might order additional items or even bar meals if they find it more convenient to order through the app than going to the bar.


With Kayana At The Bar Technology, you simplify a lengthy process and increase revenue.



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