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Practical Strategies to Improve Serving Times in Restaurants

Whether a restaurant serves convenient, fast food or high-end premium dining, the pressure to serve food quickly has mounted over the years. Of course, there are times when some expectations are unrealistic. However, if it has been some time since a restaurant has reviewed its serving times, then there is a good chance that improvements can be made.

The following is an overview of five strategies that a restaurant can use to improve the time it takes for staff to serve customers.

1. Employ an Effective Training Strategy

Just because one person can understand a role quickly doesn’t mean another employee will. A restaurant should ensure an in-depth training program that is easy to understand that trains all employees to the same level.

Using different training methods could mean a lot of confusion. Using the same strategy ensures those working at the restaurant follow the same processes when serving customers.

2. Promote Effective Communication

If an employee has problems carrying out the role, it is crucial they can speak to someone as soon as possible. Promoting communication across all channels ensures that staff always feel comfortable approaching managers should they experience difficulties.

If an employee feels nervous or uncomfortable about raising an issue, then it’s likely the service will suffer, including the serving.

3. Give Customers Realistic Expectations

Sometimes the serving aspect of a restaurant can lose momentum because other customers are asking for updates regarding their orders. Although there is no way to eliminate this, customers must be given realistic expectations regarding their orders.

A customer would rather wait longer than be told something will be prepared shortly and met with a series of excuses regarding the delay. A customer who is fully aware of when their food will be ready is less likely to approach servers, allowing plenty of breathing room when completing other orders. So when choosing software, it is essential to choose the right software, especially for takeaway software.

4. Deal With All Complaints Professionally

Sometimes, customers can become upset for no reason, but this isn’t to say that complaints should be dismissed. A customer’s frustration when being served could be due to several factors. A restaurant that it’s time to listen to customers can often find some simple changes are needed to improve serving times and other aspects of the business.

5. Embrace New Technology

Many restaurants can be worried about changing their serving practices, but embracing new technology can offer several benefits regarding serving time. When dining in, new technology can be used that allows diners to book their table in advance, allowing preparation to begin sooner.

Similarly, a restaurant that takes advantage of self-service kiosks can also aid those wanting to improve serving times. Customers can take care of their orders and even make payments using a cashless system. This method increases table turnover dramatically also.

Although a restaurant will need to consider other factors, taking advantage of the above strategies is the perfect starting point for businesses to improve their serving times efficiently.

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