New Business Types are Adapting to Self-Service across the UK

Self Service Kiosks for Cafes

New Business Types are Adapting to Self-Service across the UK


Self-service is bursting into the scene in the UK, with more restaurants than ever turning to self-service checkouts and automated order processing, but as we all know, when one industry has a major technological breakthrough, it can often apply to many industries.

But what businesses around the UK are adapting to a new, self-service process? In today’s article, we take a dive into what businesses and industries are taking advantage of revolutionary self-service technology.


New Businesses Adapting to Self-Service

Although the technology for self-service kiosks is still relatively new, there are still many businesses in many industries that have taken on this technology .they have implemented self-service kiosks, just like Kayana’s to ensure that their business runs smoother and more efficiently. Let’s dive into some.


McDonalds – Food & Hospitality

Arguably one of the biggest customers of self-service machines, McDonalds now as a standard, have self-service machines. Whilst the option for face-to-face ordering is still an option, many people now prefer to simply walk into McDonalds, place their order on the screen, and have their food within minutes. For simple snacks, you could be in and out of a shop, all paid for within a minute which is perfect for people in a rush.

Whilst McDonalds are a massive company, if not the biggest in the food and beverage industry, smaller businesses like your local takeaway, pub, or other hospitality business would all benefit from the same technology, by utilizing modern technology for order processing. We know that self-service has a great deal of benefits including efficiency and better customer service overall, we’re sure that in the next 5 years – most of these businesses will utilize some kind of self-service kiosk such as Kayana’s.


Costa – Food & Hospitality

Are you someone who goes to Costa, and orders the most extreme type of coffee with specific toppings and types of milk used? We know this can feel a little awkward, but with the addition of their new self-service machines, now you don’t have to say a word before you get your little red cup of joy.

Self-service machines were born and revolutionized in the food and beverage industry, allowing people to make orders within minutes, make payments in seconds and receive their food without as much as a whisper to anyone should they not want to speak.

This process has not only increased Costa’s efficiency when serving customers, Not to mention endless customization options that can be added to any drinks or items, just like on Kayana’s self-service kiosks can make ordering the most extravagant drinks, or food options a piece of cake (literally).


Amazon – Logistics

Everyone knows about one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon. Amazon are typically at the forefront of developing their own technologies to make shopping more convenient, but when you’ve ordered a product online to a ‘storage locker’, they are typically self-service.

This self-service allows you, as the buyer, to visit a local locker that is typically in a shopping center or readily open/available space, and will allow you to enter a code before a designated space (I.e., your locker with your parcel in) to open up. If there are any fees to pay, you can make a payment right there on the screen.

Although Amazon bought the company that conceived the self-service locker system – this adaptation allowing people to collect parcels from pre-defined lockers was truly revolutionary, and shows exactly why self-service will be so big in the future.


JDSports – Sports & Leisure/Clothing

Clothing, and the apparel industry in general was one of the first to move online when the shopping craze turned to online sales. Despite JD Sports still being massively brick-and-mortar, the addition and modernization of self-service kiosks both for buying and checking out products but customizing and reserving products has come into play very recently.

A good number of JDSports stores on the high-street have large portrait touchscreen screens that allow you to find out if an item is in stock, or if you can reserve and pre-order it. This technology allows shoppers to go into a store, check their size of trainer or hoodie and make a purchase before collecting it at a collection point in the same store.

Typically, where it may take 5-10 minutes for a member of staff to find the right size of shoe for you to try on, this automated process can filter out all the middlemen and give you the perfect opportunity to check stock, but get what you want much faster. All of this, from a self-service kiosk.


Tesla – Automotive

Telsa was one of the first electric vehicles manufactures from around the world, and one that has definitely broke headlines with their technological abilities and modernization of the automotive industry. Using their own, self-service technology, you can order a car, customized to your specifications online.

Alternatively, going into a Tesla dealership, you’ll find several self-service kiosks that you can use to order your car in store as if it was a drink at a Costa. This modern era of self-service ordering allows you to make massive purchases, like a car – all from a small self-service tablet in the palm of your hands, or online.


Why Self-Service?

Self-Service will likely become the new normal in the coming years, if not sooner, and there is a clear reason as to why, although fairly new to mainstream shops and catering businesses it has been around for quite some time.Since then, technology has advanced and software has gotten to a point where ordering food from our phones, or in our case self-service kiosks, is just a better way to purchase items.

With more people, especially the younger generation, wanting to have a contact-free ordering system, where most of the ordering process is done through self-service kiosks and the only human interaction is that of the person passing the product, but in some cases – this can be self-served as well with the use of conveyor belts and order-doors.


Final Notes

Overall, the use of self-service kiosks is only growing, with more and more industries and businesses using them every single day. Whilst the self-service kiosks are used primarily for the food and beverage industry, we’re sure that Kayana will have a solution to fit your needs no matter what industry you’re in. Get in touch with us today, and get the ball rolling.



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