Kayana Product Range

Kayana EPOS System


Kayana EPOS systems are designed to enhance customer service by speeding up transactions. They come with a card machine, 80mm thermal printer, and cash drawer for seamless operations.


£49.99 + £29.99

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Kayana MPOS

Kayana MPOS empowers your staff to efficiently handle orders, payments, and more. Why have your team constantly moving back and forth when you can effortlessly serve customers with Kayana MPOS?

£29.99 + £24.99

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KDS – Kitchen Display Screens

Kayana’s Kitchen Display Systems offers businesses a holistic view of all pending orders, which need to be prepared elevating customer service whilst streamlining your kitchen operations.                            

£29.99 + £29.99

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Self-Service Kiosk

Begin your self-service kiosk journey with a reliable partner offering real-time support. Kayana Self-Service kiosks boast an impressive 99.99% uptime record, setting the standard in the market.

£349.00 + £39.99

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Thermal Printer 80mm

The WP260 is an 80mm thermal receipt printer known for its remarkable maximum printing speed of 260mm/s. Ideal for seamless operation with our kiosk, EPOS systems, and KDS.


Kiosk Stand

Free Standing Unit to allow kiosks to be free-standing.