Restaurant Marketing Tips to Attract Leads

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Read these Restaurant Marketing Tips to Attract Leads and start increasing your customer base.

Building our customer base has never been more important than it is after the pandemic. Implementing the correct restaurant marketing tips is the fastest way to generate leads, create new custom, attract return clients, and keep the profits coming in. A staggering number of restaurants have closed permanently over the last two years, with reports estimating 12,000 businesses lost since March 2020. Marketing is a key tool to stop that same fate happening to your hospitality SME.

New Digital Leads are Important in Catering

Since restaurants are a boots-on-the-ground business, we forget that we need to allocate time and money towards marketing them. We rely on word of mouth in catering. If the food is good, we let it speak for itself and it brings us new leads. This isn’t enough anymore. The old days of using your website as somewhere to place your phone number are over. The reason we need to change is because advertising has changed.

Advertising has shifted into the digital marketplace. It is vital for all businesses to be part of this online marketplace since this represents them in the digital world. This is where people go to find out about your business before they show up. If you can partner with an app then that’s even better. Return customers and new customers alike can download it in the restaurant, engage in a community surrounding your business, and even order or leave you messages directly.

How do you Market a Restaurant Online?

How do you market your restaurant without using traditional advertising? The truth is that you may want to engage in both. An advert in the local newspaper reaches a select group, while an advert on Instagram reaches a separate group. The more niche groups you reach, the more leads you get. The more leads you attract, the greater the table bookings on a Monday night. We call this a multi-channel marketing strategy and it’s vital your business has one.

Our next restaurant marketing tip is that on the digital end of the multi-channel marketing strategy, you ought to be making use of your online social media accounts. Take to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others. Every different app reaches another group. Post photos of your food and drinks, of smiling staff and wedding parties. Add this information to your website, then encourage any collaborations and partnerships you must share your media.

How App Partnerships Help Drive Foot Traffic to Your Restaurant Business

Powerful restaurant marketing tip: Collaboration is key to local businesses. It drives lead generation for all parties involved. In the restaurant world, collaboration has always been limited. We might share marketing materials for the company that produces our best steaks, or our finest wines. We might even collab with a local taxi firm to get guest home at night. However, in the digital workspace, collaboration opportunities are limited.

Partnership with an app is the obvious solution to sliding your business into the digital marketplace so you can cast a wider net than that which you cast alone. If you share your own materials to your followers, that’s great, but when an app partner does it, you improve that reach by thousands. In turn, this leads to new clients’ acquisition and exposes your branding to a greater audience. This expansion of your online presence casts that net ever wider.

Collaboration does much more for your business. It helps you problem-solve better, lets you learn from one another, increases productivity as it introduces a hint of competition, and allows your business to grow.

Kayana as an App Partnership

When you choose Kayana as your innovative online business community solution, our app supports your restaurant while our SMM teams support your digital presence. We promote social media campaigns for our partners, with links leading back to your important pages. We help by running promotions and brand awareness to attract both new and returning clients to your restaurant.

Kayana is more than just an app that lets your customers order food online; it does more than just boosts your table turnover rates. It helps you create loyalty programs and runs them to help encourage return custom. It helps you upsell on the shop floor, and posts constantly to its social media feeds to share any news, discounts, or just food pictures from your restaurant.

A Few Examples of Kayana Partnership in Play

There are excellent examples of how Kayana app partnership allows collaboration through our digital media channels. We have cross promoted for Valentine’s Day deals for our London partners already, an example is Zeo’s restaurant contest, where we have given away 2 dinners, each one for 2 people on behalf of Kayana for people that shared the post with Zeo’s picture on Instagram and followed the other contest rules.

We routinely promote our restaurant and café partnerships on Instagram using their food pictures and updates. We share these on our social media and link back to the restaurant or café space in our app, so you are always on our users’ mind.

The Benefits of Kayana

The marketing benefits by partnering with Kayana go well beyond building your online presence. Using our app, customers can order faster and safer. They can order and pay themselves, helping to combat the recent staff shortage in the catering industry.  The customer can also split the bill through the app, so no need to charge groups one by one.

Kayana speeds up table processing, reduce staff costs, protect against cross-contamination, and boost your online presence. No other app is as efficient at promoting your business in such a complementary way.

Now you are ready to implement these restaurant marketing tips! Want more information about Kayana? Check our Home Page.

Katriona MacMillan

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