Room Service With a Smartphone

Room Service With a Smartphone

Room Service With a Smartphone


Have you ever considered the way in which your hotel operates and how it could do things differently? As a hotel, it’s crucial that you offer guests convenience while also making things easier to run for yourselves. Through streamlining processes and offering guests the opportunity to take advantage of room service with a smartphone, you will see a significant transformation in your hotel and what you offer.


Give Guests Greater Control


There is no denying that people are doing more and more through their smartphones. Therefore, why not consider giving them greater control when it comes to placing their room service orders? They can access the menu through their device and then place their order once they are ready. Everything is paid for through the app and that means that they know exactly what they are spending while they won’t need to worry about paying for everything when they check out.


Keep Guests Updated


Once guests have placed an order, they don’t want to continuously check the time to see how long the order is taking. They also don’t want to have to phone up to find out what the latest update is on their order. When you choose our app, you can provide them with real-time updates on their order. Whether their order is being started or being prepared for delivery to their room, it provides them with all the information they need. Furthermore, it also provides you with the opportunity to manage orders in real-time, ensuring your staff can work more efficiently.


Provide an Exclusive Experience


To deliver a truly exclusive experience for guests, you have to learn about their behaviours and decisions. Using an app for room service, you can gain a clear insight into their choices and preferences. This enables you to highlight trends and create an exclusive stay for every guest. When you have the ability to do this, you’ll achieve higher levels of guest satisfaction and that will help to enhance the appeal of your hotel.


Place a Focus on the Service You Provide


Traditionally, your guests would more than likely place their order over the phone. This requires your receptionist or catering department to handle the call and then pass on the instructions. However, with our app, you’ll be able to focus on the service that you provide. Staff will have more time to carry out other tasks, they won’t have to manage tabs and the overall process will be streamlined and efficient, all of which culminates into a better experience for guests.


Support When You Need it


Whether it’s support for guests or support for how our system works for you, we are always on hand to help you in every possible way. From issues to queries, we have experts available who can ensure that everything is in place and working as expected, ensuring you can continue to deliver a first-class service to each and every guest.


If you are looking for an effective solution that can help you to provide an enhanced service and experience for guests then our solution is the perfect fit. Furthermore, it will also enable your hotel to do more, which is crucial when it comes to guaranteeing guest satisfaction.

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