Self-service kiosks improve your restaurant profit

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Self-Service Kiosks – Why Your Restaurant Needs Them

When it comes to dining, your clients will have certain expectations. They expect a smooth service that is efficient from the moment they arrive and until they leave. The restaurant landscape is changing, with technology being the main driver of change. Therefore, it’s important that your restaurant implements the latest technology to offer clients more. So, what will a self-service kiosk offer your clients and your business?

Improve Customer Satisfaction

You need to make sure that you offer as much to your clients as possible. Whether it’s ordering food or making a payment, they don’t want to wait. Therefore, you should use a self-service kiosk  to streamline their experience. 

With Kayana World’s system, they can order when they want. They can even pay when they want and that enables your staff to focus on doing other things. This level of control will give clients a greater level of satisfaction. All of which will help to enhance the appeal of your restaurant while recommendations will increase too. Check Kayana’s interactive kiosk page to know how their kiosks improve customer satisfaction.

Increase Profits

Self-service kiosks improve your restaurant profit. When people are able to take their time ordering, you will likely see an increase in the value of their order. They can browse the menu freely and make an informed choice. They’ll feel more immersed in the dining experience and that’ll help to boost your profits at the same time. 

Additionally, you will also be able to turn over clients quicker as staff won’t be needed to take orders or payments. This means more people can dine at your restaurant, helping to increase your profits.

Order Customisation

Your clients want control over what they order. They also want to feel as though you have considered their needs too. With a self-service kiosk , you will give your clients the opportunity to customise their experience. It will provide them with a real-time menu and they will be able to customise the dishes they choose. In this way, they will have the option to add sauces, ingredients and create a meal that is exactly what they want. Self-service kiosks machines are also useful to encourage customers to add sides and extra items, which will increase your sales.

Improved Customer Experience

With traditional methods, your staff will split their time between serving, taking payments and orders. This can often leave them rushed but with a self-service kiosk, they can actually focus on building relationships with clients. They can make sure everything is ok, ensure the experience is right and make sure the food is up to standard. Furthermore, they can also work to help keep your restaurant clean and tidy.

Why You Should Choose a Self-Service Kiosk 

You should look at Kayana’s self-service kiosk as an investment in your business. Self-service kiosks improve your restaurant profit. It will help to make you more efficient and you will enhance satisfaction too. Furthermore, you’ll also have the scope to increase sales and profits while giving clients control of their dining experience from start to finish. All of this is possible at an affordable price of £50 per month and it will enable you to transform your business in many ways.

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