How Do Contactless Ordering and Payment Apps Improve Restaurant Turnover

Improve Serving Times Introducing Contactless Ordering and Payment. Self-Service for restaurants

How Do Contactless Ordering and Payment Apps Improve Restaurant Turnover and Efficiency?

A restaurant is a hive of activity with orders being taken, meals being cooked and served along with payments being taken. For any restaurant to be successful then it has to get everything right which ranges from the food they serve to the overall experience. The customer experience can suffer as staff find themselves taking payments and orders when they could be doing something else to benefit the business.

If a restaurant wants to make significant improvements then the owner should consider the benefits of contactless ordering software. By implementing table service software, you’ll be able to improve turnover and efficiency, so let’s look at these in more detail. Introducing Contactless Ordering and Payment in your venue.

Improve Turnover – How it is Possible?

Have you ever considered the time that staff spends taking orders and payments? You’ll soon realise that they are time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, what happens when it comes to customers waiting to place their order when they have several people before them? All of this slows down the process of serving food and that means that you will have fewer people coming through the door.

When you consider the time it takes for people to eat their meal, it can take ten to twenty minutes. However, consider the time it takes for them to receive their menus, place their order and finally make payment. The time can soon run beyond an hour. When you install QR code ordering, you give control back to each customer and that speeds up the process. Self-service allows them to have instant access to the menu, and order and pay quicker. This will enable you to get more people through the door and that can increase turnover.

When customers have more time, they are more likely to order more items. This will also help to increase turnover. So, when you install contactless ordering, it helps to improve your turnover in many different ways.

Become More Efficient

Staff will spend a vast amount of time handing out menus, taking orders, serving food and taking payments. The amount of time this takes can add up but with table service software, everything becomes more streamlined. There’ll be fewer unnecessary conversations while using each customer to improve efficiency using your easy order apps.

Orders will be taken more efficiently as they’ll be processed automatically using your automated software. Payments can also be made using the system. This removes the need for staff to run around finding payment machines or handling cash transactions. Essentially, it will give them more time to focus on other areas such as customer service. Alternatively, they can serve meals faster, cleaning and take table bookings, all of which will make your restaurant more efficient.

So, considering the many benefits that come with contactless ordering, you can increase revenue as well as efficiency.


According to an article in Big Hospitality changing habits have now allowed more people to adapt to self-service using Contactless Ordering and Payment. Scan to order is going to be the future along with a self-serve kiosk.

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