Decrease Long Lines and Ordering Times at Your Bar: A Simple Guide 

Long Lines Ways to reduce - Self-Service Kiosk

Decrease Long Lines and Ordering Times at Your Bar: A Simple Guide

The food and beverage service industry does not get enough credit for its difficulty. Anyone who has worked as a server, bartender, line cook, host, or restaurant manager knows the industry’s challenges. These jobs require lots of time, money, effort, and resources to run smoothly.

Restaurants and bars face many of the same challenges, but some are unique to bars specifically. Whether it’s a coffee bar or cocktail bar, there is sure to be a long line of customers eager for their favourite drink. Notably, coffee bars can handle hundreds of customers thanks to drive-thrus. However, commercial bars serving alcoholic beverages do not have that luxury. Bars are popular spots for nightlife and get especially busy during the weekend. 

With the proper resources, a bar can serve customers effectively. At Kayana, we provide resources like self-service kiosks to enhance your business! 

Challenges of Bar Service – Long Lines

Maintaining high levels of customer service at a bar is a challenging task. There are many requirements for being able to run a successful bar, and even when those requirements are met, there are still plenty of challenges. An essential part of the service industry is the ability to work quickly to prevent customers from waiting in line to have their orders taken.

Many factors contribute to long lines forming, especially during peak busy hours. Couple a busy rush with being short-staffed, and you will surely see long lines of unhappy customers. Even with an entire staff, a lack of proper training and resources equates to poor service. 

Any bar is easily overwhelmed by a sudden influx of patrons; whether it can overcome this depends on management providing adequate solutions. With complicated recipes and hoards of people all wanting something different, bartenders face many challenges that, with enough help, prevent long lines from forming, leading to unsatisfied customers. However, some simple solutions drastically improve customer experience and decrease bar wait times. 

Solutions For an Efficient Bar

Managing a thriving bar that achieves high levels of customer service is feasible. Four solutions decrease long lines and ordering times for customers and provide staff with much-needed relief so they have more time to serve customers.

Staff & Training – For Long Lines

The most important priority is ensuring that your bar is fully staffed and that every member of your staff receives adequate training. Training is vital for an efficient and timely business. Lacking either leads to disorganization that increases customer wait times and the possibility of getting orders wrong. 

A properly trained staff is prepared for a rush and can do their jobs efficiently. Proper training informs employees of their responsibilities which is beneficial during peak hours because no one is confused about their role. Solidified roles allow a business to work like a well-oiled machine.

Carryout Ordering 

Implementing strong ordering policies is an easy way to make your business more efficient. Depending on your restaurant, you may have customers dining in or picking up a to-go order. Establishing clear areas for customers to go to for different services and having these areas staffed accordingly will prevent disorganisation and long lines. 

For businesses with a large amount of to-go orders implementing a system that allows customers to call and order ahead of their arrival is very beneficial. Designating staff to work exclusively with these orders will drastically reduce customer wait times and increase other staff members’ productivity.


Another easy solution to decreasing long lines is to take reservations. Taking reservations prevents frustration by ensuring that customers are not waiting long periods to be seated. Knowing about large parties ahead of time enables staff to be fully prepared, which allows them to provide better service and keep customers satisfied.

Add Technology 

The easiest way to enhance your business is by investing in technology. Technology like self-service kiosk machines improves everyone’s experience, including you and your staff. Technology advancements have eliminated the need for any human interaction to place an order or even pay for it. 

A self-service kiosk provides customers with everything they need to enjoy your food and or drinks at the tip of their fingers. These kiosks are touchscreen tablets that allow customers to place their orders, pay for them, and even pick them up themselves. Adding technology like this to your business drastically improves productivity and efficiency. This is perfect for the modern world.

Kayana Self-Service Kiosks

At Kayana, we provide everything you need to implement self-service kiosk machines at your business. We handle the installation of all hardware and software, advising you on the best location for the kiosks. Our expert team demonstrates how our products work once they have set up everything.

Our self-service kiosks for bars help increase sales and decrease bar wait times providing better customer service and increasing customer satisfaction. Implementing our self-service kiosk machines help overcome many challenges in the service industry, including the following:


  • Long Ordering Times and Lines
  • Peak-Time Rushes
  • Overwhelmed Staff
  • Staff Shortages
  • Loss of Revenue


We have multiple product options that allow you to choose the best for your needs. Our kiosks range from 10 to 16 to 24 to 32 inches. The installation location of the kiosk depends on which product or products you choose. 

Our 10-inch tablets are perfect for placing directly at tables allowing customers to order and pay right there. The 16-inch kiosks are available for putting on countertops, mounting on the wall, or even free-standing. The 24 and 32-inch kiosks are ideal for mounting on the wall or as free-standing. 

Our large self-service kiosk machines are visually appealing so that your customers notice them as soon as they enter your store. We have numerous affordable pricing plans for your convenience: pay as you go, pay monthly, make upfront purchases, or software only.

Check out our self-service kiosks for bars, restaurants, and more. Discover the advantages of implementing them at your store so you can say goodbye to long queues, order mistakes, and overwhelmed staff.



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